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Paul Walker Death

Image in Burning Porsche Video is NOT Paul

12/5/2013 11:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker did NOT make a final desperate attempt to escape the burning wreckage -- and the image seen in video shot right after the crash is definitely NOT Paul ... TMZ has learned.

There had been rampant speculation and buzz on the Internet that a shadowy figure seen around 23 seconds into the video of the burning Porsche Carrera GT ... was Walker trying to get out of the vehicle, but sources connected to the investigation now say it just isn't so ... for several reasons.

First, the sources tell us that, based on photographs of the wreckage ... Paul's body was pinned in an area of the car that makes it clear he couldn't have been flailing outside the vehicle.

Also ...we're told that based on the injuries he suffered, Paul died within a nanosecond of impact, and therefore it's impossible for the image in the video to be him.

It's not clear how long after impact the video starts, but clearly more than a nanosecond.

As for what the image really is -- we're told law enforcement has watched the video, and based on evidence from the crash site ... it appears to be a part of the car's roof burning.


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Jason Vasquez    


286 days ago


Thank god. The thought of him trying to get out and being conscious while burning made me absolutely sick. I'm relieved to hear for sure that Paul died a nano-second after impact. No suffering, quick. Now he's up there with other angels. May Paul RIP.

286 days ago


Four days after Fast & Furious star Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas died in a fatal car accident, the Los Angeles County coroner has released the two men’s causes of death. Roger, who was driving the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT on November 30, died of multiple traumatic injuries and Paul died of the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries, according to a CNN report.

Roger and Paul's deaths were determined to be accidental. The two men died “within seconds,” coroner Ed Winter says, according to the Los Angeles Times.

286 days ago


I don't know, I think even without the fire he still would have died. Remember Princess Diana was still alive when they pulled her from the car wreck but she wasn't conscious and she never regained consciousness, she died from her injuries shortly after arriving at hospital. I think the thermal injuries may have only played a small part in his death. I'm no expert though. RIP Paul

286 days ago

Yu Lee    

.... the long haired WISE MEN at TMZ know everything about everyone - in life and in death!
SO EVERYONE SHUT UP and only Beliebe what TMZ tells you!

286 days ago

grandmaster Bob     

What u der burning in Video is the Engine .. The rear Part of the car its impossible to See a Hand there

286 days ago

grandmaster Bob     

the Impact was at Pauls side and it was Huge it did halfed the car if Someone died instantly than it was Paul

286 days ago

cholito18 how explaine this????!!!!! THE LICENCES ARE DIFERENT!!!!!!!

286 days ago


i dont understand how the roof of the car looks in one piece. in the autopsy it say that he died from the fire. but how did police say he died within nonoseconds of impact? another video show the car not burning for about 1 minute of the crash... sometjing seems strange with this whole thing.

286 days ago

stfu please     

you know, I just don't think I'd be RECORDING SOMEONE'S DEATH! Who the f records a human being being burned to death in a car without trying to do anything to help. Disgusting smh.

286 days ago


I wish it was bad dream and he would be alive :( he was so sweet sexy and handsome with a big heart . I found this music video from the movie with Jessica Alba and this shows how sweet he was .I was crying watching this

286 days ago

grandmaster Bob     

i think the ppl which was as First at the crash had enough Time to pull him Out they were Just scared of blowing up the car if they rly WANA Save his Life they had to spend his own for that I still cant belive they didnt ... Someone Said "we were Tryin to pull him Out but we couldnt open the Belt ... Use ****in extinguisher on yourself Take a knife or Something and Cut the Belt pull him Out scared morons the only Thing they did was watching takin Movie and Trash Talking ...

286 days ago


Well at least your actually trying to report some informational news this time and not making it up. Thank you for trying to squash the rumors instead of creating them. While I wish he was still with us it's a relief to know he didn't suffer.

286 days ago


Too much hype over this story, the guy is dead, that is what happens when you drive a car fast into a tree and the car blows up in flames, end of story.

286 days ago


people who were filming the car were dummies . instead of trash talking they should try to help it was at least two of them plus men on the street running to the car and then he back off?????? Why ? What people are you seeing someone at the car and didn't bring any help????? I am hoping that they will regret this forever

286 days ago
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