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Paul Walker Death

Image in Burning Porsche Video is NOT Paul

12/5/2013 11:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker did NOT make a final desperate attempt to escape the burning wreckage -- and the image seen in video shot right after the crash is definitely NOT Paul ... TMZ has learned.

There had been rampant speculation and buzz on the Internet that a shadowy figure seen around 23 seconds into the video of the burning Porsche Carrera GT ... was Walker trying to get out of the vehicle, but sources connected to the investigation now say it just isn't so ... for several reasons.

First, the sources tell us that, based on photographs of the wreckage ... Paul's body was pinned in an area of the car that makes it clear he couldn't have been flailing outside the vehicle.

Also ...we're told that based on the injuries he suffered, Paul died within a nanosecond of impact, and therefore it's impossible for the image in the video to be him.

It's not clear how long after impact the video starts, but clearly more than a nanosecond.

As for what the image really is -- we're told law enforcement has watched the video, and based on evidence from the crash site ... it appears to be a part of the car's roof burning.


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anecito abarquez    

yes , Paul Mcarthney I mean Walker is not really dead I knew it and he is now in heaven he will come again on the exact date to show us that he is alive...welcome!!! babu

284 days ago

anecito abarquez    

Yes, Paul Mcartney I mean Walker is not really dead he is now in heaven, I knew it, you this and we both knew about this, he will come back on the exact date to show us that he's great alive...welcome u...babu

284 days ago


So can anyone explain to me what that was moving in the fire. If it wasn't Paul Walker or the driver

284 days ago


Friends and employees of Paul who tried to save him and arrived at the accident site about three minutes after the crash said they could reach out and touch Paul and tried to get him out of the car, but he was unconscious and didn't react IN ANY WAY and his seatbelt wouldn't budge, plus his legs were restricted. So he didn't try to escape. Considering the impact, the speed and that his side was crushed by the tree I believe he was dead or at least brain dead, you know... breathing but not really alive. Like Princess Diana. I think and hope his body gone into shock and he didn't even notice when the fire touched him. That's why they had to include thermal injures on autopsy.

284 days ago


I can tell you one thing that I know from many car accidents that I've been around , there is no way in hell that the driver roger was dead before the fire and Paul was not, it's all about the media Paul was the first to hit the pole and tree he got the worst of the impact and rest his sole sad to say that they were both dead way before that fire everyone can believe diferent but there's no reason to keep posting what or could of happen his family does not have to deal with all the media it's a tough thing to go through!

284 days ago


The figure was Paul's spirit leaving his body and car before the flames engulfed the car.. It's a known fact that when the body dies the spirit/soul leaves the body that's what the movement is beside the car.. I am not crazy I have seen this only one other time 35 yrs ago and I will never forget's good to know he was not with his body and did not suffer..

284 days ago


no it is not a fact that souls leave ur body

284 days ago


i seeen paul try to push the back window out :'(

284 days ago


The spirit does leave the body.. This is a fact.. Do your research..

284 days ago


On Second 23/24 you can hear somebody shouting "help me!" I' m sure he fighted for his Life and tried to escape from the burning Car. His body was in a position to escape from the car. His Torso was an the driver side with extended Arms, Face watching to the Street. His leg's were pinned.. I'm sure it's his Voice you can hear shouting for help. It makes me so sad. He didn't deserve this! R.I.P!

283 days ago


I dnt see a shadowy figure I dnt hear no help me I see all these ppl just standing around to scared or rather b filming on there phone. At least they died knowing they accomplished things in life. But maybe one of them didn't have to if these ppl standing around came up with courage threw caution to the wind n tried to do something.We will remember walker n rodas for what they've done but who will remember a person that did nothing

283 days ago


Anyone who says they are a professional in forensics or anything to do with investing accidents are idiots!!! They only thing you see in this video is some afraid p@ssy running away filming the sidewalk so they didn't fall and get a boo boo!!! Not trying to go help victims that needed assistant of any if you so called professionals (LOL) please don't investigate anything ever seriously, you have to be total idiots!!

282 days ago

April crawford    

:-/ this really saddens me, he was a wonderful person, but after taking this video and putting it thru a freeze video and zoom in it saddens me to say that I believe it was Paul trying to get out, if you watch from a distance you can see his head and him moving up and down like trying to get out or open door... That is not a piece of the roof ... R.I.p Paul and Roger you are very missed

274 days ago


Facts of the matter... Paul had bilat open femur fxs in burnt images..with that kinda impact probly unconcious, then thermal burns snuffed him...Rogers body not seated...In blue cars footage on scene, definitely someone standing and moving..body stands facing fear, crumples forward, its Roger consumed by flame.. Impact primarily on pass. b-post, why car split in way it did..tank ruptured under car,,, fire,, high octane.... Paul unconcious w mabe fatal injuries, death quikened by Inhaling no, ious gasses..Roger was standing at some point, bluecar filming saw this, co..ented, definitely someo e in there....sad facts but true

260 days ago


Paul didn't deserve this neither Roger. Many people wish they would just come back and never think of Nov. 30 like the way it happened.

247 days ago
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