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Paris Hilton's Brother


After Fight with LiLo & Co.

12/7/2013 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barron Hilton's injuries from a beat down -- which he claims Lindsay Lohan masterminded -- have gotten serious enough that he's seeking emergency treatment in Miami ... TMZ has learned.

Paris Hilton's bro is staying at the Fontainebleau Hotel ... where an ambulance arrived last night to take him to the hospital.

TMZ broke the story ... Barron was partying at a Miami mansion early Friday morning when he says Lindsay accused him of talking trash, and then had a male friend beat the crap out of him.

Barron was left bloodied with several cuts to his face -- and sources close to the Hiltons tell us the injuries are so bad ... he was advised to seek medical treatment immediately.

We're told Barron turned down the ambulance at his hotel, and instead got private transport to the University of Miami Hospital ... where he received various treatments -- including a CT scan.

Lindsay and her father, Michael Lohan, deny she was involved in the incident at all ... though video outside the party suggests otherwise.

No word yet on how serious his injuries are.


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Blohan's a wart on the ass of humanity and hopefully Barron blasts it off!!

289 days ago


Now that is just funny

289 days ago


Talk **** get hit

289 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

PUB-TIME!........ya'll have a great night.

289 days ago


what a whimp! talk sh*t spit blood

289 days ago


You showed the pictures. His injuries don't look serious at all. He has cuts that look more like he drunkenly stumbled into something.

289 days ago


Hey Barron fold up your mangina and head to the next party.

289 days ago


If it wasn't Lindsay - It would have been anyone else in Miami tired of hearing that little B-I_O-T_C-H Barron running his mouth.

289 days ago


This is so high schoolish. Whether his injuries are minor or major, you don't hit/beat someone because he/she was "talking trash". Grow up and learn to ignore what people say or you will have a long, sad, angry life.

289 days ago

LINDSAY LOHAN'S next mugshot    

To all the NEADERTHALS who say stuff like, "it's how we do it in Miami, talk **** get hit, talk **** spit up blood..." Here's what's up. Violence is primitive. Educated people do not use violence. People who use violence are stupid, period. Put all the people who do not follow laws, who feel violence amd committing other crimes is no big deal because laws don't apply to them IN JAIL. Lohan is just a common criminal, so naturally she will end up housed with them.

289 days ago


ROL has got a new thread about Lilo .
I take it the bought & paid her for the Zen pic's . So their gonna run with it . They are so behind 2day .

289 days ago


He wasn't staying at the Hilton?

289 days ago


This guy is a complete *****, sorry but I wouldn't trust what a Hilton says, just like the Kardashians, the only reason why his family is famous, or people care about them is because of his sisters sex tape.

When you go to a party, use your brain, never talk **** about anyone, why? Because people are drunk, or their crackhead friends are here, or people are in gangs and are high. If you talk **** about somebody, your going to get your ass beaten.

What a *****, my neighbor's son was jumped for no reason and was beaten with the back of a shotgun, his whole head was cut open, and his face and nose wa*****. Guess what, his face healed completely and the top of his head does have a scar on it, but he has a scholarship, still smart, and still hot!

So you know what, if this ***** can't take a beating, than he's completely nothing. He obviously wants publicity and money, and trying to sue her for some extra cash. A lot of people would take the chance to create drama, when there really is none.

What a joke this kid is. His fault for talking ****, if he minded his own business this would've never happened and he would've went along with his day.

Hate to say it, but I don't believe this kid..

289 days ago


you cannot believe a word that comes out of their mouths at this point. She lied and said she wasn't there but was caught in that lie cuz it's on video. She and her family as such s***s.

289 days ago


We we finally get to see Lohan in an orange jump suit sent to prison? Or will some paid off judge sentence her back to rehab?

289 days ago
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