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Paul Walker Crash

Music Mogul Dumped Similar Porsche

'It Was Just Too Fast'

12/8/2013 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Porsche GT that Paul Walker was in when he died was just too fast for music producer Mally Mall ... who tells TMZ he had to dump the car because he didn't feel safe behind the wheel.

Mally -- who's worked with Chris Brown, Drake, Tyga and others -- told us he had the GT a few years ago, but sold it because he couldn't control it 100% of the time.

In fact, Mally Mall says the car would sometimes fishtail at high speeds (he once got it to 140 MPh) ... and it scared the crap out of him.

"Honestly, it was too fast for me."


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way back in 2007... another carrera gt accident with a pole light :

and a video animation process of a carrera gt :

322 days ago


I don't know Mally Mall from Adam, but you have to kind of admire a guy who's willing to admit to his limitations and make a wise decision.

322 days ago


I have been in the music business my whole life . . . .
I always find it silly when people are called 'moguls'. That said, I would have to think anyone who pays close to half a million for a car is a more likely just a 'd*mbass' . . it's amazing what some people do to to TRY to impress others.

322 days ago


Porsche made this car for rich idiots who want to feel like a racing driver while riding down the highway at 70 mph.
But some of these idiots really believe that they are racing drivers on a speedway as soon they sit in that car and push down the pedal inner city. Like the dead Walker douche, for instance!

322 days ago


2 men, 2 chicks... But they put the 2 chicks in the backseat. Instead of 1 couple in the front, 1 couple in the back. I see you Mally Mal...and the birds you take out, lol

321 days ago


I can't believe no one has mentioned the fact that the porsche was probably rear-wheel drive which is why the car fish tailed with just a slight turn of the wheel. The driver was surely ill equipped to handle fish tailing. He was a race car drive but rear-wheel drive is another whole other ball game. Look it up people!

321 days ago


So does this car go from 0 to 140 mph with out first hitting 10 mph, 20 mph, 30 mph, 40 mph, 50 mph, 60 mph, 70 mph, 80 mph, 90 mph....get my drift? Do they not know how to let up the pressure on the gas peddle. Some really stupid people in this world. Just because it goes that fast doesn't mean you should drive it that fast. Just saying.

321 days ago


Mally Mall? Who is this wigger? Why he copying Marley Marl's name? He should be bitch slapped and sent back to Idaho. Disgrace-

321 days ago

Doug Laurent    

everything between 80 and 150 MPH is the NORMAL AVERAGE speed on german autobahn highways, and that's what the porsches, bmws, mercedes are made for and where they are tested all the time. for sure the cars don't have a technical or safety problem, most americans are just not used to handle the power of these cars as you hardly can use it anywhere in america.

321 days ago

o rly    

TMZ, what is a "Porsche GT"? I've never seen or heard of this car yet you mention it numerous times. Is it a secret car from Porsche?

321 days ago


Never heard of the guy. Has he ever heard of the speed limit? No road has a 140mph posted limit.

And his name is biting Marley Marl's name. Maybe the back-up name was Professor Small.

321 days ago


ok, My girlfriend is a precision driver (professional) and has driven one of these a while back.

She said that the car was "crap" but I really didnt understand why because it looked so nice to me.

We were talking after this and she confirmed that the car was REALLY unstable and said it was like an ACME rocket pack on wile-E-coyote cartoons.

I understand now.

RIP Paul Walker.

321 days ago


Jesus Harvey you own a convert Porsche... They are ass heavy and if you need to be told that then your an idiot.

That car was not a normal car and been tuned and tweaked etc... **** you dumb ass's don't even have anyone in the office to wonder what tires were on it.... See some tires need to be warm to stick and why before a race you watch drivers do right/lefts to help warm them.

Also street tires that tend to be more high miles lasting are a harder compound tire which means slicker... the term slicks is a oxy moron term... they are softer and last less but stick more. talk to Pirelli on this.. not uncommon for rap guys too toss crap rims and tires on a car that should never be touched.

We know the tires were changed.. big issue... then you have a race shop/tuner company doing god knows and my money is they were not even going that fast... maybe 90 .... small trees oddly enough make things look worse since they are so small the footprint of complete failure is small like a knife.

My money is still on the dry oil sump

320 days ago
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