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Paul Walker

Laughing & Smiling

Minutes Before Fatal Crash [PHOTOS]

12/10/2013 12:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1210_paul_walker_before_car_crash_launch_v2Paul Walker was in a great mood just moments before his fatal Porsche accident -- laughing and smiling in the passenger seat of the car that killed him.

The photos were shot as Paul and driver Roger Rodas were leaving the Santa Clarita charity car show that Walker had organized.

It's a jarring look into the final moments of the actor's life -- especially the juxtaposition of the gleaming red sports car ... and the fiery wreck it became just minutes later.



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Stop milking every last bit out of the poor mans death. Slow news day or nothing real to report?

325 days ago


Jesus Christ Tmz! Ofcourse they were laughing and smiling before the crash, how else were they going to be? In fetal position chewing there nails? It was an accident. Nothing can prepare you for it. Unless there was a premonition but even still, most people go forth. Let's stop the insanity already surrounding their deaths, it is tragic and an accident. It's time to let them rest.

325 days ago


Stop TMZ!! Move on. This is getting out of control!

325 days ago


I just got chills. Those people with the extinguishers dont look like theryre in a panic either. Rip paul and roger.

325 days ago


(Garrett Morris voice on)
" Our top story tonight, Paul Walker is still dead.Thank
you and have a pleasant tomorrow"
(Garrett Morris voice off)

325 days ago


Unlike other people, I like getting informed. Whether its good or bad, I'd like to know every piece of detail. Its not that we're sick in the head, its just that we want to know exactly what happened. TMZ is only doing their job; if you have nothibg else to watch or do, you have every right to change the channel or gossip elsewhere. I have respect for Paul Walkers family but as the celebrity he was, you must understand as fans, that stuff happens. He was an amazing actor and may he rest in peace.

325 days ago

think about it    

paul walker was sacifafice

325 days ago


Please move on! Enough is enough we all are saddened by their passing. Let's have respect and move on so family, friends, & fans can have peace. STOP POURING SALT ON IT!

325 days ago


This is horrible. But it's also a very unique situation, in that these were happy pictures taken while everyone was having a good time. It's very rare, that you have pictures of someone minutes before they're killed. No one knew this was going to happen, so I don't think its bad taste for TMZ to post them. They're obviously part of someone's, instagram or facebook, probably the photo taker. They're heartbreaking to look at seeing how happy the two men were, but they're innocent pictures

325 days ago

think about it    

paul walker did a movie back in 2000 about freemason. now they killed him. the street paul died on was a pyrimid on the corner of the buidling. search up the tags on the red car paul was riding in the day he died. it was all planned

325 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

I agree with the other comments here, enough already. Way too much coverage.

325 days ago


Whomever gave TMZ these photographs for publication -- God help you because Karma has a way of coming back to be a real bitch. Shameless. Disgusting. Pathetic. Only people that should have these photos are the Walkers and Rodas families. They ARE beyond devastated/heartbroken and to keep f**king with them is like West Boro Baptist Church bastards stating they are going to picket Paul's funeral. Come on!

325 days ago

Tina Stone    

I know this is going to make some people mad but it's good to know that at least he was smiling. At least he wasn't scared when he was leaving. And if people don't like what they see on TMZ then don't look. Back to Paul. I'm so sorry that his happiness was short lived.

325 days ago

think about it    

check out the lady on the top of the page. how shes postitoned as a pyrimid. but they fool you saying they promoting leggings pants for womans

325 days ago


Dear Lord..may he Rest in Peace we will love you always Paul Walker❤

325 days ago
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