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George Zimmerman

Wins Again

Domestic Violence Charges DROPPED

12/11/2013 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman's just won a big round in the "She-loves-me-she-loves-me-not" game -- his ex-girlfriend wants him back so badly, she's recanted her claim of domestic violence and the case has been dropped.

Zimmerman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery ... after GF Samantha Schiebe claimed he pulled a shotgun on her and pushed her out of their house.

But Samantha has had a change of heart ... she wants George back, and the State Attorney for Seminole County says Samantha now says she lied about the encounter and refuses to cooperate ... hence, there's no way to successfully prosecute him.

But there's still something blocking these lovebirds from reuniting -- a restraining order, which Samantha's lawyer is now trying to get lifted.

Bottom line ... because she's fickle, George is out of a pickle.


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So I guess when he kills this gf with his child, then maybe ppl will see him for what he is. For all of you defending this pos, you obviously cannot see FACTS. Just because the stupid broad dropped charges, doesn't mean he's innocent, she may be being threatened behind the scenes. It may very well end up with her death. Then all of you naysayers who believe this violent sick man is well, you will be proven wrong. But of course, you will be surprisingly silent because no one wants to look like a dumb ASS. OJ ppl OJ! Proved himself now didn't he, AFTER flaunting all his **** in our faces. Normal ppl don't chase down teenagers in the dark, nor hold guns to their pregnant girlfriends head. WTF!!!

313 days ago


She was upset that George was having phone sex with Casey Anthony!!!

313 days ago


I love y'all ladies, but gosh you guys can be dumb sometimes. Letting these guys you and refuse to leave them then expect to get sympathy from people.

313 days ago



313 days ago


I TOLD YOU SO. I TOLD YOU SO. I TOLD YOU SO. There is nothing to charge him with. You dupes.

313 days ago


I hope George goes to a gun show this weekend and TMZ posts pictures. The bitter tears of hateful liberals are fun to laugh at.

313 days ago


Shouldn't she get hit with filing a false report? Something????

313 days ago


Karma is a b!tch. Child killer George Zimmerman will get his punishment here on earth or after he dies and goes straight to h*ll. Look at OJ Simpson. Everyone with a functioning brain knew he was guilty of killing Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman or that he paid someone to do it. He thought he got away with murder. WRONG!

313 days ago


Obviously the money promised to the woman from someone (Sharpton?) never showed up. So she backed out.

313 days ago


Charge her with Filling a false report, and lying to a police officer. If dysfunctional couples want to fight law abiding citizens shouldn't have to suffer because public resources are tied up playing ref! 2 unstable people living together in a house where 1 or both has access to weapons at all times? How do they not have a reality show? When they both snap I hope that no innocent bystanders are caught in the crossfire.

313 days ago


He thinks he's untouchable

313 days ago


Had trayvon had not attacked GZ he would still be alive. That was clear to anyone without a race baiter agenda. Just because someone is following you does not give u the right to punch them in the face. He could have been civilized and asked George why he was following him, he did not have to attack. George was small fat and timid. Trayvon would never had attacked a big buff dude . no way. But I have to admit GZ does not seem to stable at this point. BTW had the neighbor done the right thing and just pulled trayvon off of GZ the kid would still be alive. GZ was begging someone to help and the guy was standing right there telling them to knock it off. To bad he didnt grab TM from behind and pull him off. It was the perfect storm of idiots. But Trayvon started the violence, that was clear from the trial.

313 days ago


There was no false report given by this woman. Her 911 call indicated Zimmerman HAD a gun and was breaking items in the house, but she never said he pointed it at her. The investigating cops took a leap forward without the statement or evidence from her - that is why he is being released.

313 days ago


In some states, domestic violence is taken seriously--and there's no "dropping charges"---PERIOD, even for nutcases---ESPECIALLY for nutcases.

313 days ago


I'm honestly trying to figure out how any woman could be attracted to this lard bucket.

313 days ago
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