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George Zimmerman

I Can Get My Guns Back

... and My Chewing Gum!

12/12/2013 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

11120-redesign-zimmerman-03George Zimmerman can finally be reunited with the arsenal of guns and ammo that was recently seized from his home, since he's no longer facing domestic violence charges ... officials tell TMZ.

The Seminole County Sheriff's office confirmed ... the case against Zimmerman was just dropped after his GF Samantha Scheibe backed off her story that George got violent with her back in November.

And no charges, means no reason for cops to keep the guns (and chewing gum) that were seized from his home following the initial alleged incident ... a cache that includes 3 handguns, a semiautomatic rifle and the shotgun that Scheibe had claimed Zimmerman used to threaten her. 

Here's the entire list of items seized:

•    3 Black Handgun Holsters
•    1 Pack of Gum
•    1 Religious Pendant
•    1 Flashlight
•    1 Pocket Knife
•    1 Sanitizing Wipe
•    2 cell phones
•    2 .223 rounds
•    8 9mm rounds
•    2 .40 caliber magazines with 8 rounds each
•    2 9mm magazines ( 1 with 14 rounds and 1 with 15 rounds )
•    1 Interarms .380 Handgun
•    2 Taurus 9mm Handgun
•    1 Glock 19 handgun
•    1 Kel-Tec 12 Gauge shotgun
•    13 12 Gauge Shotgun rounds
•    1 AR15 rifle
•    1 Soft Sided gun case
•    2 AR15 magazines
•    59 AR15 Rounds
•    1 Combination Lock

We're told George is now free to pick up his stuff whenever he wants -- but so far, he has NOT come by the station.  


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Hum.... I wonder if Zimm looked like Lil Wayne', would he have so much warm love and financial support? Because of course all these gun rights folks whacking off for Zimm know the same gun rights for Zimm to buy more and more and more guns are also legally extended to "others" Yep, let the hate flow - its all good I expect it. But gun rights are for ALL. So I guess the next time a gang member defends his car from being stolen and shoots with a 9MM, he will have the love and blessings of some folks :)

282 days ago


don't give him the gum back...I hear he swallows. That'll **** up his digestive system

282 days ago

Archie Bunker    

God bless this man...

282 days ago


the sanitizing wipe is to remove his fingerprints from the gun so he can say the perp stole his gun from him and then they committed suicide with it rather than him pulling the trigger,and the gum is for him to chew after the fight to look "calm and collected" while walking the mind of a killing mcfattie

282 days ago


Whatever. He may have killed TM in defense but this guy is dangerous either way. Guess we will have to wait for him to kill someone else with his aresenal of weapons before anything is done. But that is what the power people want. Another shooting. Another death.

282 days ago


What is wrong with the cops?? This guy is a nut job and needs all his guns gone. He is going to kill again!!! How sad.

282 days ago


Look at how this guy was treated. He shot a 17 y/o drug dealing, thieving thug who was pounding his head into the pavement. The press then shows a picture of a 12 y/o boy and says that the clearly hispanic zimmerman is white to inflame hatred. His address is given out by hollywood types basically calling a hit on him. At the trial the prosecutors did not want the jury to see real pictures of TM because they fears it would hindrance the case (if everyone really saw who was smashing GZ's head into the pavement they would not want to convict him, and look, they didn't). TM was far from innocent but not according to the media and the idiots who keep trying to hound this guy in the press.

282 days ago


She's dumb. He'll do it again. They always do. Only now there will be an infant involved as well. So sad.

282 days ago


How I hope someone "stand their ground" against the DBAG.

He belongs in jail.

282 days ago


• One unopened condom
• .... One SOILED.

282 days ago


He may belong in jail, but not for anything we know about.

282 days ago


What about the HUNDREDS of rounds of ammunition?

282 days ago


"He will do this again" Do what? He HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING. That's the whole point, you dupes. His only crime is a crappy taste in women.

282 days ago


It;s funny how the fact that there is nothing to charge him with is overlooked by bitter liberals. They would put anyone in jail they don't agree with. It says a lot.

282 days ago


This IDIOT should NEVER get his guns back much less be able to buy guns!!!!!!!!!!!!

282 days ago
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