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Bethenny Frankel

DENIED At Nightclub

Strong Arm Tactics FAIL

12/14/2013 12:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF



Bethenny Frankel tried to talk her way into TAO nightclub in NYC early last weekend ... and when her charm failed her, she tried brute force ... and that failed too.

You gotta see the video, but first let us set the stage.

Bethenny showed up at TAO for a private party, but she wasn't on the guest list so the bouncers blocked her.  That's when Bethenny got PISSED and tried to strong arm her way in ... first trying to unlatch the rope and then trying to limbo under it.

Our Bethenny sources insist she was invited to the event, but someone screwed up and left her name off the list.

Now, watch the video.  It's pretty awesome.


No Avatar


why is this business woman at this age still trying to get in the club.....

258 days ago


Bethenny to bouncer: "Don't you know who I am?"

Bouncer: "Yup, and you still aren't getting in."

258 days ago


You are nothing, Bethannie or whatever your name is! were nobody and you are back to being nobody...except now you are a Nobody without a family, a husband and friends...exactly where you belong!

258 days ago



258 days ago


That video footage didn't show anything! Why are so many of you so effing mean? Wow - there's way too much negative energy thrown out there. How about we all try to be nicer to one another? Coomon - give it a try.

258 days ago


I always laugh at the 40 and up people in clubs. It's like ,you're over 40, why are you here?

258 days ago

tom thompson    

**** you identify yourself

258 days ago

tom thompson    

maybe she should have an afair with obama.opps sorry obama likes brothers in bathhouses

258 days ago


That girl is so annoying.. I try to watch her show like numerous times because she actually has good guests but I just can't stand her.. She just talks to much and is annoying as hell

257 days ago


I saw the show with Luanne (the Countess) and I had to turn it off. She was so disrespectful, over talking Luanne, and just plain awkward. Luanne has more class in her pinky, is sexier, and has personality. Btw I'm a female

257 days ago

Wendy A.    

I love this. T. S. B. thinks she is important and this just proves she isn't.

257 days ago


I hope and pray that Jason (the Dad) get the daughter full and I mean full time . With mother if you can say mother only 2 (two) days a month.

257 days ago


This's money grubbing bitch proves you don't have to have an education to make money. She thinks she's so clever because she has a 'brand,' which apparently is 'skinny girl alcoholic.' Biz Admin 101. It may work with drug store alcohol because people will buy any kind of alcohol, but it hasn't carried over to the rest of the copy cat junk she's peddling.
Hey Bitchenny I know you're reading this - SPANX has it covered .. Omarosa is much smarter than you. You put her on your show to attack her for doing exactly what you're doing, only she did it first - making money as a mean girl reality tv reject that everyone hates.
You're so worried about your image and have a desperate need to defend yourself. Your identity is that of a woman who values yourself by your weight above all else. You're no Martha Stewart, Oprah or Joy Bahar.
See if you can find your own identity and a real man who will put up with your mouth now that your lazy rent a husband ditched you and your tv career is finito.

257 days ago


As thin as Bethenny is, I'm surprised she didn't slip through the crack in the door passing the bouncers altogether.

257 days ago


She looks so old for her age.

257 days ago
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