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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Gonna Sing Again!

12/17/2013 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
-- forever in search of a career resurrection -- is now setting her sights on reigniting her singing career ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay was in a New York City recording studio over the weekend, experimenting with various tracks.  Lindsay has one hit under her belt -- "Confessions of a Broken Heart" -- which is in the pop genre, but we're told she's now more interested in EDM.

Our sources say Lindsay has not signed with a label yet but that's what she's gunning for. 

We're told Lindsay has gotten advice and support from friends, including Lady Gaga and Max from The Wanted.


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308 days ago

Molly's Mom    

Well I listenedbecause I had never heard her sing before this clip. It wasn't the worst thing I have heard but its not much more than Britney lip syncing. Britney looks just as dirty most times as this girl. Something really mucks up these child actors/singers heads you gotta wonder

308 days ago


Since the acting career didn't pan out, and modeling career didn't pan out, might as well try this.

I could save you the time...but you wouldn't listen anyway.

308 days ago


Will somebody please call Bagelman and get Susan a Poppy Seed bagel with cream cheese, black coffee and sour grapes, and ask them to deliver it stat!

308 days ago


1ST SINGLE = my livers crying

308 days ago


Considering Dana Plato made it to 34, it's shocking how long LiLo may still take to kill herself.

308 days ago


All she's looking for is cash. If a record label is stupid enough to sign her, she'll take it and then yank their chain.

Show up late, give a half-assed effort. It isn't about the music with this sleeze bag. It's about getting the money.

308 days ago


Actually sounded pretty good compared to whats out there .

308 days ago


1. Lindsay's voice is thrashed from years of smoking cigarettes and who knows what else.
2. When Lindsay last released an album she had a built-in fan base of people who were fans of her movies. Those people have grown up. Lindsay has an EXTREMELY low Q rating and thus it would be very difficult to interest people to purchase her music. People do not like her because, among other reasons, they feel she has not been punished for her wrongdoings.
3. It is expensive to produce an album. Lindsay has a very poor work ethic. She is good for a one day photo shoot and that's about it. Lindsay is notoriously late for everything--if she even shows up. Studio time is expensive. Paying musicians and sound personnel who are sitting around and waiting for Lindsay would be expensive.
These would be the main roadblocks for her music career.

308 days ago


The only place she will be singing is the jail shower

308 days ago


Oh dear God. Don't they know that her last album bombed so badly and she never showed up to promote her album - that her record label dropped her like a hot potato. Also - with that voice now? Her voice is totally wrecked - all that smoking - she's going to sound like an eighty-year-old grandma.

Boy, Lohan is DESPERATE. Super desperate. There really is nothing left. This is her last dying gasp for a career at something - anything. But she will ultimately fail as usual because she's Lindsay Lohan, moron supreme, liar, thief, irresponsible, violent, mean drunk who yells at people, the queen of fuk-ups

308 days ago


Hell , TMZ anybody with half a brain can see how old that equipment she is pretending to work on is and the fact that it's NOT TURN ON >>>>No lights to show the little lines....and the tuning....Double Hell they have newer studio down at the local college that that is.....!! Pure Lohan Inc Shyt for her yard dog who is a Blue Tick Hound has a sweeter voice then she has......LOL

308 days ago


Well,'s better than Paris. Still not my cup of tea.

308 days ago


Some good advice. Stop talking about what you are going to do and just do it. If you want to be rich and have a bunch of "stuff" then just do it. If you want to help others then just do it. But first you are going to have to stop wasting your time talking about it.

308 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches    

Here is Lying Lindsays drug buddy and what the rest of this broken down studio looks like

Looks like all they do there is party, not record music

Just more Lying Lohan LIES!!

308 days ago
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