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Gay 'Storage Wars' Stars

'Duck Dynasty' Hater Is


12/18/2013 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An openly gay couple on A&E's "Storage Wars: New York" is NOT offended by the homophobic comments made by fellow A&E'er and "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson -- telling TMZ, they just feel bad for him ... because man ass beats vagina any day of the week.

Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton tell us, "We could give a s**t what he thinks ... [man ass] is tighter."

As we reported, Phil talked about how a vagina is more desirable than a man's anus, and how homosexuality and bestiality are the same sin.

But Chris and Tad aren't fazed, telling us, "You can't go through life worrying what other people think. That's their values and that's what they think ... as long as they're not nasty to people ... We're not offended at all."

In fact, Chris and Tad say they're still big fans of Phil: "We like Phil. We like the show. We like the fact that they are very godly. When we watch the show and see them say grace, we feel the same way."

As for Phil's belief that gay people won't go to heaven ... Chris and Tad say simply, "How does [Phil] know that? Is he God?"


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i guess ass is an acquired taste

122 days ago


So what. He is entitled to his opinion. F**k GLADD. This is the problem in the U.S. You can't have an opinion or a belief other than what we say u can. piss off

122 days ago


TLC puts a back woods family on TV. Ratings sore because it is entertaining to see how they live (and think).They show themselves for who they are and everyone is up in arms. I am gay and do not agree with strong arm tactics to edit shows like this (btw...I do not watch DD). Just stop watching.

Stop watching, protest and argue...Pushing him to give an un-athentic apology is just lame. Let him show his ignorance ind intolerance on the show. It would be refreshing to see the real DD. Not just a cleaned up "acceptable" version. Then maybe I would watch!

122 days ago


TMZ just can't let it go... Lol. Are they pissed that most of everyone that is on this site feels mostly the same way? Gays are like Alabama football fans.. They get what they want and think the whole world should bow down to them and they rub it all in your face, and if ur not on board then something is wrong with you. Well guess what pride gets ya. I comes before a.....

122 days ago


I totally applaud the Duck Dynasty guy. I don't totally agree with his lack of tack, but people need to be able to speak their minds without fear of the LGBT or NAACP "demanding" an apology. No one strong arms anyone in this country into an apology for exercising their free speech rights. Don't back down.

122 days ago


This is over the limits that's why we are here woman's.. I just can imagined men ass a delicacy.

122 days ago


Well first of all TMZ called what Mr Robertson said was a rant. when in actually was during an interview with GQ magazine . so obviously he was answering a question from the person interviewing hum. he gave his answer in which he said in his opinion. that TMZ has decided to make this out that Mr Robertson attacked gays or something shows that they have an agenda and just not reporting a story , not that TMZ is a news show but still thought they were better then MSNBC or FOX in that they didnt misrepresent what people say to make an issue. TMZ was my one show i watched because it could make light of alot of the stars and politicians idiotic positions . i well no longer watch TMZ

122 days ago


Oh yes....who doesn't love the smell of $hit when they're ****ing. How sexy. That a$$ ain't going to stay tight forever. Have fun with your rectal prolapse.

122 days ago

Mike L    

Ewww. The A$$hole is a one way street. Nothing is supposed to go in it. Feces comes out of it. The Vagina is a two way street. My dick ***s in, and a baby comes out.

122 days ago

Saltine Crackas    

Disgusting story Headline only a Fruit would think of writing it! Harvey is so gay he's Flaming thru my laptop

122 days ago


a stink hole is better than a vag? babies can't come out of stink holes...

no baby makers (same sex) = no existence = logic that can't be refuted

122 days ago


"Straight guys" **** females in the ass, so what?

122 days ago


So 'man arse' if preferable becasuse its tighter .... did you guys forget man arse has fecal matter in it and your d*ck is having intimate contact with it?? That you think that is preferable or some sort of menatally/physically healthy alternative choice shows your thinking is messed up.

122 days ago


so' man arse' if preferable because its tighter .... did you guys forget man arse has fecal matter in it and your d*ck is having intimate contact with it? That you think that is preferable or some sort of mentally /physically healthy alternative choice shows your thinking is messed up.

122 days ago

cartoons plural    

yall a bunch of homophobes!

122 days ago
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