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Cops to Justin Bieber

Keep Your Hotboxed Vans Out of L.A.

... Or Else

12/19/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
better think twice before driving around L.A. in a hotboxed car again -- because TMZ has learned, cops are now on the lookout for ANY of the singer's suspiciously smoking vehicles ... especially that ridiculous black van.

Multiple law enforcement sources tell us, cops are pissed at the Biebs for his hotbox stunt outside Power 106 this week -- when he rolled up to the radio station in a van, slid back the door, and released a nuclear cloud of smoke.

We're told police are on the lookout for Bieber and his pals getting smokey behind the wheel.  The smoke would give cops probable cause to search the vehicle, everyone inside would be detained and ordered to produce weed cards, or else.  The driver would also be scrutinized for possible DUI.

Cops are fed up with him.



No Avatar


Psh the cops won't do nothing,they never do to this kid,he should already be locked away for half the stuff he had done already

305 days ago

Cool Papa    

I did ridiculous, self-destructive, delusional crap like that at 19, but I'm sorry...I just wasn't so damn douchey about it.

305 days ago


A justin beaver arrest would be the best thing ever, I can see him crying like a baby girl in his mugshot already

305 days ago


If the police really want to bust him it wouldn't be hard. Just put a couple people from the narcotics squad on it. Have them tail him all over undercover and bust him. But make sure it's in the city of LA. The LA County DA seems to weak. Is she one of those nutty Beliebers?

305 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Or else what?

305 days ago

Golden Boy    

My boy Justin is riding around in 500 thousand dollar blacked out Mercedes vans and **** while you ****bags are ****ting home hating. My boy is retiring at 19 years old and you guys are still slaving away for chump change. Christmas is around the corner and you guys are poor!

Come Christmas you guys will be on here making comments just like you did on Thanksgiving because you are poor and have no lives.

I just got back from ****ing Costa Rica and had the time of my life. You people don't understand to concept of money. You don't live this ****.

305 days ago


So many unsolved murders in LA.....Thanks LA Police for making this a priority. LA COPS the dumbest in the country. Remember when Christopher Dorner was on the loose and they ended up shooting two Latino women and a white guy because they "matched" the description. LMAO now they want to focus on marijuana as usual.

305 days ago


Cope are fed up with him?!?! Um isn't the only people pulled over in his cars.. NOT him. He had two noise complaints as a teenager in a mansion throwing a party *big whoop*... and the "hot box" was NOT smoking when he got out

305 days ago

Not So Ignorant    

It's California, all you have to do is sneeze and a medicinal marijuana card will magically appear. There are bigger fish to fry.

305 days ago


Who isn't fed up with him? Oh yeah, only his fans aren't.

305 days ago


Wow - in the world's most gun-violent country, you must be THRILLED to hear that your cops are spending time trying to catch and bust a 19 year old for smoking dope. A whole state cop department, devoting their energies to that. You must feel so reassured and safe.

305 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

Now you're telling me you can get drug dealers Frank Lucas Freeway Rick Ross Supreme Alpo but you can't get a 19 year old kid? Lmfao smh

305 days ago


im sure lil pizza and lil mama and lil wayne and lil wet fart and lil vagina and lil pony and lil beyotch and lil pimple taint and lil jizz face and lil pee pee and lil poo poo and lil butt nugget and lill butt fister and lil puss blocker and lil chain holder while I poo and lil gum holder and lil human roach clip and lil fetcher and lil gopher and lil pay the pizza guy and lil wipe arse and lil rub my chonie will all pitch in for bail.

305 days ago

Mama Beiber    

everyone, especially the cops, are all talk and no walk. Until someone actually ARRESTS this little douchebag, he will continue to do what he does, which is be a douchebag. I mean think about it... if you were him, and you had his bank account and his entourage, and you practically get away with murder... wouldn't YOU be a douchebag too?

305 days ago


umm tmz proving how dumb americans are. you can clearly see there is a huge wall between the driver and the back yes there is a window but i am sure its closed so he can legaly smoke up at will in the back.

305 days ago
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