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We're NOT Behind Chick-Phil-A Day!

12/25/2013 8:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


They've got A LOT in common (killing poultry, homophobia) ... but the people at Chick-fil-A are adamant the company is NOT involved with a growing pro-Phil Robertson campaign called "Chick-Phil-A."

The Chick-Phil-A campaign is picking up steam on social media ... encouraging people to eat at Chick-fil-A restaurants on January 21st while wearing Duck Commander or camouflage gear to show their support for the "Duck Dynasty" star.

A Facebook page for the campaign says, "Stand for free speech. Sit for good food." So far, more than 40,000 people have already committed to participate

But despite the fact Chick-fil-A knows a little something about anti-gay marriage controversies, the restaurant says the event "is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Chick-fil-A."

Chick-fil-A says Chick-Phil-A was created by an "independent group" ... though at this point, no group has come forward to take credit.

Cluck. Cluck.


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265 days ago


Seriously homophopia? Just because someone doesn't support gay marriage doesn't make them a homophopia, yiu guys guys are damn morons

265 days ago


The whole "backlash" is actually pretty dumb/wrong. He has free speech of course, BUT he doesn't have the right to use the A&E Platform to say these racy comments, SO A&E has the right to do what they want this they pay the bills..How do people confuse this and cry free speech? If it wasn't free speech, they he would of been arrested.
With that said, its also so lame to claim religion allows him to say this, that is as bad as those fools claiming Allah says they are allowed to kill anyone that doesn't believe in Islam?
I'm not into gays either but I'm into respecting everyone, and they guy said some dumb things, I actually would of been ok with A&E just ignoring what he said, but they turned it into an issue and have that right.

265 days ago


The Gays protesting the Olympics won't go far. The only people who won't watch or participate will be Gays. The rest of the World will be on board.

265 days ago


But you notice how they haven't said a word about the infringement ion the trademarked name. Sounds like a stamp of approval to me.

265 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Beat that dead horse of a story.

265 days ago


Of course they aren't gonna publicly stand by that idea, PR no no.

265 days ago


Chick Phil A. Haha. That's hilarious.

265 days ago

Hollywood Troll    

Who started this "phobia" thing? I thought a phobia was being afraid of something? Ball lickers don't scare me. They just disgust me.

265 days ago


American Nazi party?

265 days ago

Delta Communications    

The Robertsons, NRA, A&E and Chic-Fil-A sure know how to rile up their loyal paranoid sheep fans. LOL

265 days ago


Maybe a gay grp started this in retaliation to the beef they had with chic. Rile things up.

265 days ago

Delta Communications    

You can always tell the difference between a true Christian and the fake wannabe pretend Christians by the way it's so natural for them to hit the Hate button on the comments.
WWJD? He sure wouldn't be such a hater. LOL

265 days ago


By showing support they want to eat greasy food? No thanks

265 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Would you FREE SPEECH idiots please shut up. Your lack of knowledge is showing. The last time I checked Phil Robertson wasn't jailed for his beliefs, wasn't advised by the American government to shut up, or threatened in any way by the American government. As a matter of fact he has, had and will have freedom of speech on this matter for years to come. His employer does not have to guarantee that right to him. Actually I think A&E fcuked up but that's their problem. Just please try to educate your stupid selves on what FREEDOM OF SPEECH is. Sarah Palin should be leading that parade.

265 days ago
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