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Berlusconi's Hooker Wrangler

Thongin' Out in Miami

... Before Prison

12/26/2013 9:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is Nicole Minetti ... one of the women convicted of wrangling up prostitutes for disgraced Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi ... and by the looks of these pics, you'd never guess she'd recently been sentenced to 5 YEARS IN PRISON. 

According to Italian officials, Minetti was one of the key people who supplied the hookers to Berlusconi's legendary "Bunga Bunga" parties. She's been sentenced to 5 years in the big house ... but that's on hold 'cause she's appealing the case. 

In the meantime, Minetti's passing the time by romping around the beaches of Miami in a thong ... just like she did on Christmas day.  Which begs the question ... how the hell did she get in the country after she's been convicted???

Then again, take a look at that ass ... maybe that's the answer.


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have any of you read the health report on fecal matter on thongs? disgusting,you would never wear one again after reading that.all day flossing encourages fecal particles to adhere to the stringy garment ,disgusting!

239 days ago

phil osopher    

See that indentation on the right butt cheek? IMPLANTS!

239 days ago

Don't Slap A Ho    

Three guys are captured by a tribe of natives in a far off land. They are brought before the tribal leader who gives them a choice. He says, "what will you have, death or bunga?". The first guys thinks, hmmm wonder what bunga is. "I'll take the bunga". The tribal leader says, "good". Then a dozen tribal members line up and give it to him in the rear.

The tribal leader turns to the second guy and gives him the choice, death, or bunga. The second guy thinks, hmm, that bunga thing is pretty nasty. But death is permanent, "I'll take the bunga". Tribal leader says, "good", and a hundred tribesmen line up and give him the bunga.

The tribal leader gives the choice to the third captive. He thinks a while, hmm, first it was a dozen, then it was a hundred, I don't know man. Heck with it, "I'll take death". The tribal leader says, "good, death .... by bunga"

239 days ago


Not enuf American thongs, butts or Pros to report on?

239 days ago


She is a sand flea in Miami, compared to the beautiful women there.

239 days ago


Ok little TMZ Puberty Pundits. Why don't you guys just have a separate section like sports and post all of your nifty Bikini Butt Pictures To Take In The Bathroom. That way, those of us who actually expect celeb gossip will not be bored with this crap.

239 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

Unless she's into anal, a nice ass is a waste. It's like putting plastic covers on the furniture; why bother having it if you're not going to put it to good use!

239 days ago


She flew to Mexico first and then entered the U.S. from there. Thousands do it every day.

239 days ago


Just another high-priced prostitute, but what the hell kind of pap would recognize this broad on the beach in Miami? Kind of amazing, actually.

239 days ago


She looks good in a thong! Hot hooker

239 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Why bother putting her in prison? Hit it where it hurts--pay huge fines or be imprisoned. Then toss her naked ass out of the country.

239 days ago


Ass is right.

239 days ago


Wow this chick is so hot, her body is smokin, I would lick every inch of her, I'm about to explode to the pic!

239 days ago


Hell yeah she's involved in the prosti business lmao look at her knee's... haha!

239 days ago


Yes i am wandering how the hell that person enter use IF she's been convicted, that is a example of corruption and power, she is a PIMP , if she were a regular person she would not be able to enter USA

239 days ago
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