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Jermaine Dupri

Insane Traffic Stop

Cops Found a Xanax Pill!!!!

12/27/2013 7:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1227-jermain-dupri-instagram-copsJermaine Dupri just learned a hard lesson -- take a chill pill when you're in Miami Beach and cops will swarm you.

Jermaine and his crew were cruising in Miami Beach at 3:24 this morning when cops pulled them over because the tint on their Lincoln was too dark.

According to the police report -- obtained by TMZ -- Miami Beach cops smelled "a strong odor of marijuana" inside the car. 

That's when Jermaine -- who was a passenger -- and the others were patted down.  Cops didn't find pot, but they DID find something that caught their eye ... a single Xanax pill in a plastic container, inside the pocket of one of Jermaine's friends.

Now get this ... Cops then requested K--9 dogs to sniff out contraband.  In all, Jermaine says 5 cops cars arrived on scene, but turned up nada.

But it wasn't over yet.  Cops were suspicious that the guy was in illegal possession of the pill.  He insisted he had a prescription, but cops were suspicious.  That's when someone in Jermaine's posse said he would go to the guy's home to get documentation he had a valid prescription.  Time passed and the guy came back with the proof, and everyone went home.

Right after the incident, Jermaine tweeted, "Somebody please call TMZ.  5 police cars just pulled us over."

We heard you.

12:30 PM PST -- Jermaine tells TMZ ... he is the victim of "rapper profiling."

He believes cops followed him from the nightclub he had just made an appearance at ... and stopped him within minutes because he's a celebrity.

He thinks its ridiculous that cops called out the K9 unit and thinks it is massive overkill.

Miami Beach PD says the stop was legit ... and everything was done in accordance with procedure.


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I'm not sensitive black guy but between the tailgating ticket and the tinted window stop i gotta ask how many of you have been stopped for your window tint? And that duck below screaming about the pool bottle blah blah the whole point of those type of stops are in HOPES they have a large come after your rights have been violated. I.e smells like weed. But We found guns and no weed. On turn yes this guy has a gun BUT you find out using false allegations

308 days ago


5 cop cars for a chill pill, whilst 14 armed robberies, 10 rapes and 3 homicides all occurred around the corner.

308 days ago


HAHA!! them 5 - 0 should be worried about where Lebron James so they can hook him up with another free joy ride.. Damm Pig's, you wonder why you're so hated...Piss on a Pig....

308 days ago


All over 1 pill, LOL @ these loser ass cops, they thought they were gonna lock a black man up that night

308 days ago


If it smelled like weed....there should have been weed inside the car. They found nothing, which means the cops of course lied about smelling weed so they could search them and find something. Cops do this to white, black, purple or pink people. But blacks have it the worst for sure.

308 days ago


How can you profile when the windows are tinted so dark you can't see inside the vehicle?

308 days ago

Donny D    

So, let me get this straight. A guy who presents himself as a thug and and a "gangsta" to the media, the fans, the public etc so that he can sell CD's gets mad when the cops percieve him and his "possee" as "ganstas"?? Sorry, but if you were a cop, you would HAVE to profile to do your job. Otherwise you're saying you would be frisking an elderly 85 year old elderly couple at the same rate you would be searching 18-25 year olds for drugs?? You would be an idiot. You have to use common sense. When you dont, you get what we see at airports when I see an 80 yr old woman getting frisked while young arab men walk freely through security untouched. It's not a black vs white thing, its a total package. Tinted windows beyond the legal limit is against the law, and often times used to hide illegal activity inside the car. As a white dude, YES I have been stopped for this exact same thing when I was driving by myself and had "back up" called on me. No smell of drugs or anythig. I was cooperative, respectful, didnt have anything to hide and I was on my way. No TMZ story followed, no Jessee Jackson protest BS... I just went on my way.

308 days ago


Linds wants to know what happened to that Xanax.....

308 days ago



308 days ago



308 days ago


They probably were profiling 3:24am??? Sounds like they just left a club or something so the cop could seen who got into the car a lot of cops stake out around clubs and just wait to see who they can pick up

308 days ago

Dee Snutts N. Tmz's Mouf    

Here in the south, drug task force squads are big business and basically the bread winners for the local government. The property seizure laws which say that they can basically take your car and/or money if they find felony possession of narcotics with intent to distribute.. That means if he had one more xanax pill in a different unmarked container (and didn't have a legit prescription) on his person or elsewhere in the car then they could have tried to seize the vehicle for being used to facilitate the distribution of narcotics or some crap like that...

The police and government here in the south basically depend on minor drug offenses that end up with expensive probation that keep feeding the county/city bankroll.. It is especially effective since the police have basically made a business out of it, by profiling certain vehicles and the race/age groups of young people on the hopes that they will violate their probation and have to pay the fines plus new ones all over again... And to tell you the truth, they do not just profile young black men, they are profiling young white middle-upper class because if the probability of them paying their fines immediately (parents) or so they can scare them and get them to flip on a dealer by trying to intimidate them as much as possible. It's a vicious cycle and I have seen it first hand, especially since I have family members who are these *******s... They seriously sit around and laugh at how they are busting these small time users and sometimes get vehicles and lots of cash for their operations from some people who are just regular pot smokers and recreational drug users who made a mistake.. I've seen them make a confidential informant out of a minor user by using brute intimidation and therefore put that person life at risk over something that wasn't even a legal search to begin with and would have been thrown out.. They love this lifestyle and are willing to lie cheat and even steal to keep it this way.

308 days ago


This is ridiculous. The cops were doing their job! How about this, idiot... if you have a valid prescription for it, keep it in the valid prescription bottle. If the cops DIDN'T check for the gun, there would have been one, an illegal one I'm sure. That's how these criminals work. Then they would have later killed somebody. Who is Jermaine Dupri anyway?? Can anyone say B list?? & I'm being generous

308 days ago


At 3:24AM cops are looking for any excuse to pull suspicious cars over. Tint, lights out etc... As the old saying goes, nothing good happens after midnight so why risk it? Technically they had a right to pull him over and that's all they need. With the money he has he should rent a limo or car service if he wants to cruise around at 3AM.

308 days ago


Well, I do know "controlled substances" can get you a decent amount of time in Jail. It depends on how much it weighs weather it's a felony or class B misdemeanor. I had half a pain killer on me and spent 2 days in jail, some other guy in there had 4 on him and got 3 months. You get more time in jail for a pill than you would killing someone on accident. -_-

308 days ago
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