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Beyonce and Jay Z

Drunk in Love

With TONS of Booze

12/28/2013 10:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228-beyonce-jay-z-gallery-atlantaThey been drinking, they been drinking ... so Jay Z and Beyonce bought drinks for their entire V.I.P. section last night in Atlanta ... and their bill totaled your annual salary.

Yonce and HOVA hit up Club Reign in Atlanta on Friday -- and our club sources say the duo dropped ALMOST 100K on bottles of Dusse and Ace of Spades for their section.

Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow partied with the power couple as well ... and they were joined by Dream and Trey Songz.

Best part -- Bey and Jay dancing to their own song.



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Black people with money really upsets the tmz commenters lol... It's ok entitled white people everything will be fine

300 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

On December 23rd, I dropped off 10 large casserole trays of Mac and Cheese, Beans and rice with ham chunks, and hot dogs with bake beans that my wife made and took them to the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden NJ.
Which paid a bigger dividend to humanity? the $85 dollars we spent on ingredients, or the $100,000 these two ass wipes spent getting 100 or so people really drunk.
I'm not saying this to brag or to say that God's light is in my soul or any such foolishness. What I am saying is that for under $90 and about 4 hours of my my and my wife's time, we managed to feed about a dozen people for the week between Christmas and New Years.

300 days ago


Very kind of them to spread their wealth, but I think all of those in the VIP area could afford their own.
What that 100m could do for a food kitchen, shelter, struggling school, etc. is another story.
Oh well, it''s all of us that have the least that always find it somewhere to help/share with those who need.

300 days ago


I work at a school and last year a student confided in me that his family ate cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner because that is all they could afford, their gas and electricity had been cut off. I spoke to our school social worker and she reached out to the family and helped. The reason that I am relating this is because there are so many families whose parents have lost their jobs and are struggling with paying the rent, buying groceries and putting gas in the car. Instead of spending all that money on alcohol, I'm sure that Beyonce and Jay Z could have reached out to a charity and tried to help families in need.

300 days ago


I don't know why people like hating so much. SO WHAT if they spent all that money on drinks. Do you know how much they're worth?? That's like chicken change to them. Which means It's just the same as some of you on here spending $5 on a drink. It may be nothing to you but for a kid in Africa that's food for a week. So cut that bul**** about how they could have helped children.. Some of you are always hating hating hating.
They worked for their money just just like you work for yours. They're not entitled to give or donate their money to anyone but they still do. So just because you don't know about it doesn't mean it's not happening. And since some of you are so concerned about charity, why don't you go volunteer and do something more useful with your time instead of sitting here and leaving your negativity? It's christmas holidays. Try and be happy for once in your lives!

300 days ago


Reading these comments, I just find it funny people have an issue with celebs spending their money on ridiculous or over the top gestures. So what? They do plenty of charity work, there is obviously a reason Beyoncé was the sexism most charitable celeb this year. If they don't air out every donation They make, why moral police about how their money should be spent instead. I applaud everyone who does what they can within their means, big or small. Nothing wrong with spending your money to have a good time though.

300 days ago


It seems to me that half of the stories you see about Jay-Z and Beyonce are about how much freakin money they have, all their fancy cars, houses and doing things like spending big money on champagne.

Does anybody care about the songs on her album? What are her mega-hits that are going to be monster #1 hits? Anyone know?

I read a story the other day about how Jay-Z and Beyonce spent $6,000 on sex toys. Jeez. What the hell did they get? Some sort of motorized super dildo that works both holes at the same time and looks like fancy gym equipment or something?

I read that Jay-Z is 44 now and she's 32 so I guess he's gotta buy these things to keep up with her so she doesn't start looking at younger guys.

300 days ago


Still spending that much money in one night for rich peoples booze is a travesty

300 days ago


Oh yeah, they went vegan to be healthy and cleanse their bodies, right?

300 days ago


If you have the money, you can spend it however you see fit. Is it so unheard of for rich people to throw extravagant parties? Corporate America throw some of the best parties! Don't even get me started with politicians and what they do with your hard earned tax dollars!

300 days ago

Retail Queen    

Am I the only one who doesn't like her new album? Full of garbage! Personslly her best music came when her father was managing her tunes. When HOVA came along I thought she committed career suicide, anybody else agree?

300 days ago


whats Ace of Spades? Looks like some **** tasting champagne...these two are a waste of air...

300 days ago

Hugh Janus    

All that for booze!! Yet, she only gave $50 at a Walmart to all the customers! WOW!!!

300 days ago


When I think of all the hundreds of charities so desperate for that kind of money, it makes my heart ache. Such conspicuous consumption - and all for what?? :-(

300 days ago


Gay-Z. Crack dealer to the white mans puppet. Good for him, And dumb for the morons who keep buying his crap. Come on my fellow colored folks, wake up

300 days ago
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