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Paris Jackson

Vacations With Mom

... in Treatment For Years

12/30/2013 8:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson looked healthy and happy vacationing with her mom in Hawaii  ... but MJ's daughter still has a long road ahead of her -- we're told the treatment will last years.

Debbie Rowe and Paris mugged for the camera during the trip ... as you know, Rowe lost contact with Paris after she divorced Michael Jackson, but the 2 reconnected a little over a year ago and are now extremely tight.  Rowe speaks constantly with Paris -- who is at a boarding school in Utah.

As for Paris' treatment ... our sources say she's riddled with so many problems she's almost certainly spending several years at the facility ... where she is getting intensive counseling.



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I think so many things were stirred up during the grandma kidnap and auntie beatdown situations she just couldn't keep anything inside anymore, repressed memories came up and this is a girl screwd up by her 'father', thus she needs years of treatment to have any chance of becoming a normal adult. Maybe her brothers are wither too young or too much things are so deeply repressed they simply cannot remember what their 'father' did to them. This girl has trauma to treat, being a witness to her 'dad' doing things and not knowing what she saw was wrong until she grew up and started thinking for herself. Did God take Michael Jackson to save these kids from him? If the law wont punish you, God will.

260 days ago

Read My Lips    

After Robin Roberts, please Debbie Rowe, come out of the closet and bring MJ along with you!!!


260 days ago


So glad someone is FINALLY caring for this child. It takes a long time to undo all of the damages, pain and suffering that her "family" inflicted on her and I'm glad she can finally have a mother daughter relationship with Debbie and I hope it continues to grow. I think she's better off with her once she finishes her treatment and I hope Debbie will fight for her if it come down to that but I think Paris is old enough now to say who she would rather live with. So best of luck to them...

260 days ago


There is NOT even one speck of MJ DNA in that girl, period.

260 days ago

Margarida Maria    

Paris is a beautiful young , and smart too. She realized that live with the Jackson family is not good. Then, cut his wrists. Paris did not want to kill yourself, just wanted to draw your attention, as a distress call.
Debbie Rowe offered to bear children for Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie, did not want to have children with him. Debbie offered her uterus to Michael, who married her at the request of Katherine.
I think Debbie loved Michael, but he did not love her. Michael gave money, it to pay, for her to stay away from children, for only he, MJ, to take care them.
I think Debbie has love for Paris, she is her mother.
Would be very nice, if Paris stay away from reporters, of the media, for not having your privacy invaded, after all she is the “daughter” of Michael Jackson.
I wonder if she knows that MJ is not his biological father.
Does Debbie Rowe knows who is the biological father of Paris ?

260 days ago


sorry but she shouldnt trust a woman who gave her away and stood in the background for her whole life. Thats not maternal instincts thats cold hard greed. She probably smells more money being back in Paris' life. Plus is she her real biological mother? they look nothing alike :/

260 days ago


Diana Ross and J5 still PWNS Andy Williams and The Osmonds. 'Nuff said.

260 days ago


People need to research genetics, Prince, Paris and Blanket , definitely can be MJ's , children.

There are tons of videos on YT, showing Prince, Paris and Blanket, have features like MJ and other family members.

Rashdia Jones, Quincy Jones daughter look nothing like him. Heidi Klum, as 4 kids with Seal, and they look nothing like her but she is their biology mother.

260 days ago


This so-called Jackson source that TMZ always references either doesn't exist and TMZ makes it up or the source is a dimwit.
Debbie reunited with Prince & Paris within a month after MJ died in June 2009. Debbie has had visitation rights since then and to this day.
I highly doubt Paris is riddled with so many problems she'll be spending years at the boarding school. At age 18 she is free to do as she pleases and whereever she lives she can get private counseling. The boarding school will want to keep her as long as they can for a guaranteed income.
The dimwit Jackson source sounds very jealous of Paris since the dimwit never has nice or positive things to say about Paris.

260 days ago


I really believe that Debbie Rowe is one of the few people in that horrific circle that genuinely cares for Paris. I really hope Paris gets her life together and breaks away from the bloodsucking, money hungry Jackson family. Then when she's an adult she can do a tell all exposing EVERYONE!!! God Bless her and I can only imagine what this poor girl has been through.

260 days ago


Debbie and Paris both look so happy and very pretty too.

260 days ago


Paris looks more mature in the pic above. The boarding school is having some type of effect on her. Hopefully, the counselors will help her to reconcile herself to her past, which was tragic and sad. Tragic in the sense that Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe created the unfortunate situation that Paris and Prince must somehow learn to cope with. Perhaps Debbie Rowe wants to help Paris deal with the situation but Rowe's actions in the public sphere--on television and social media--seem to suggest that Debbie Rowe sees herself as the victim in all this and is more interested in the attention she's getting right now than in helping Paris. It will take Paris 30 years to see this for herself and so I hope the counselors at that boarding school will ""show Paris the light" before they release her. This kid is on her own in the world, unfortunately, and the fault lies with Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe , and the donors who enabled the two of them to experiment with human lives.

260 days ago


How can you be so cruel? The poor girl lost the ONLY parent who cared and took care of her and her brothers, so suddenly,so soon and so tragically.
Of course she is heartbroken and she will never get over his loss, no matter how old she gets.

260 days ago


So glad to see this!

260 days ago


my,my who will spare us from the STUPIDITY of the most devoted haters?

260 days ago
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