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Robin Roberts

No Secret She Was Gay

12/30/2013 6:41 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Robin Roberts
-- who came out yesterday -- has been open about her sexuality for years ... she just didn't feel the need to go public until now.

Sources close to Robin tell TMZ ... everyone in her life -- both personally and professionally -- knew she was gay and in a 10-year relationship with Amber Laign.  The 2 of them met in San Francisco through mutual friends.

Amber is a massage therapist who specializes in helping people with injuries.

As for their relationship ... our sources say Amber was utterly devoted to Robin when she went through both of her illnesses -- breast cancer in 2007 and Myelodysplastic Syndrome in 2012.  Robin was extremely ill and we're told Amber was her rock.

As for why Robin came out yesterday ... we're told she never felt the need to tell the world, but at the end of such a difficult year she wanted to acknowledge what Amber did for her.

We're told the illnesses strengthened an already strong bond.


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Really?? What a shock!! About as shocking as when Ellen came out. dUH!!!!!

265 days ago

Moe Greene    

Big deal. She always did look queer.

265 days ago


Does anybody really care. I never liked her and this news hasn't changed my opinion.

265 days ago


Not even black women like black women?

265 days ago


Look... Like her or not, at least this is a story that doesn't mention that trashy k klan

265 days ago


I hope all of you can Give Phil Robertson this Much Love and Support when he finally comes out as a gay Pastor?

265 days ago


I wish celebrities gay and straight keep their private lives...private! Your sexual preference should only be shared with those you are or plan on having a sexual relationship with NOT the whole freakin' world!

265 days ago


put these damned dykes in a duck costume and call Phil Robertson . . .

265 days ago

Tammy LM    

Why do you have to call simply (yes SIMPLY) mentioning your significant other in a sentence as "coming out"? It's no wonder gays are looked at in an alien-esque light. You alienate yourselves. And yes I'm talking to Harvey because he's the one responsible for this headline / ongoing gay promotional story. Guess how I knew that?

Why does Robin Roberts or anyone who even mentions their significant other have to become a damn POSTER-CHILD for an orginization. You wouldn't say that everytime a black man refers to himself as black is "coming out" would you? No. If a straight male tweets or posts or put out anything and happens to include a sentence like, "My girlfriend encouraged me to......." No one makes a deal about it. no one runs up a headline on TMZ and declares so and so "came out as straight last night" Why? Because it would be completely what? UNNECESSARY, STUPID, RETARDED, MORONIC, IMMATURE ETC... You getting the picture?

So if it's so stupid to DECLARE your sexuality if you're straight, then how can you do it if you're gay and it NOT come across as saying homosexuiality is an "exception to the norm, a weird unnatural lifestyle, an oddity that requires courage to even admit to"?????

Gays are always preaching they want equal rights, to be declared no different than anyone else. That will NEVER happen as long as gays continue to alienate themselves as "so different".

I get so sick and tired of every single person who says in some way shape or form that they're "gay" being offered the perverbial "cookie" for doing so I could scream.

265 days ago


What a nice message of gratitude for a loved one. Good for Robin. I wish her the best.

265 days ago

Phil Mcl    

I did not know but now I will no longer watch her show or her specials. How do u like that GLAAD

265 days ago


She is a beautiful lady. I don't understand why this is anyone's business, except those who are close to her. But, being a celebrity of sorts, I do understand why she felt like she should and would"come out"when she did. I wish her and her partner, who provided her love and support, all the best.
On another note, I love this website, and have read it for a along time. I always thought Mr. Levin was attractive. I didn't know for a while that he was gay. My only thought about that was I was sad for women!

265 days ago


I could tell she was gay for years. But I'm glad she finally had the courage to admit it publicly. It's not an easy thing to do.

265 days ago


Omg!!! Really!!! God made Adam and Eve not eve and Mary or Adam and Steve its ashame how the world is accepting this garbage. I have 2 explain 2 my girls when dey c same sex 2gether smfh

265 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

This is about as shocking as Ellen. I've assumed she was gay for 20 years and could care less. It shouldn't even be something that should have to be disclosed in this day and age. No I e care anymore, except bigots line that duck dynasty inbred

265 days ago
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