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'Jersey Shore' Star

I Can't Get Arrested in This Town

... So I Got a Real Job

12/31/2013 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1230_angelina-pivarnick_tmzFormer "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick hasn't appeared on MTV for years ... and after failing to catch fire in the entertainment world -- the Staten Island Dump is giving up and getting a job.

Pivarnick was just accepted into an EMT school in NYC where she will train for the next 3 months ... and then, assuming she actually shows up, Angelina will be certified.

Angelina tells us, "Being the 'Jersey Shore' bitch is in the past ... now, my future is saving lives."

New York -- you've been warned.


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Majestik felt the need to call up TMZ and tell them you've been accepted in EMT school? Alrighty then, give them a call in three months and let them know whether you passed or...if you fail, make sure to let us know and give us a bullcrap story about how your a woman and was being held back, MEH!!!!

299 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

10 bucks says she fails the classes and not be able to get certified.

299 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

and ends up preggers!

299 days ago


i know she can find the time to do "part-time bitch work"

299 days ago

BB not bb    

I don't know if that is the right job for her. She seems a little cuckoo in the head and the EMT job carries a lot of pressure with it. When she was under pressure on Jersey Shore, she quit twice. Now people are saying a lot of that was staged, like when Snooki jumped her and they were wrestling on the floor.

I think she should write a tell all behind the scenes book on what was really happening on the set of Jersey Shore. If she didn't sign some clause saying that she can't, I think that book would be a best seller. She could even get someone to help her write it like Snooki does with her books.

it seemed like the last straw with her the first time was Danny criticizing her work at the T shirt shop. She didn't want to put the shirts on the hangers so she didn't want to go to work and he said she had to show up or get fired. If you are an EMT, you will probably get criticized by your boss, coworkers, patients and their families.

The second time she left, Snooki had brought back one of Angelina's boyfriends from the club and then Angelina got mad and said she hated everyone in the house, so Snooki jumped her and tried to beat her up. Then Mike told her that no one liked her there, so she packed her bags to leave and then Sam and Ron were mocking her instead of having sympathy for her. So she left that time because she didn't feel supported.

She seems kind of mentally and emotionally unstable. If they gave her a psych test to be an EMT, I don't know if she would pass it. I am not saying that she should get treatment and then she will be a celebrity like Tan Mom thinks. I think she needs to maybe find something more in line with her temperament to do for a living though.

299 days ago


Any kind of “MODELING” Is not in her future for sure.
3 months of training = equivalent to a 3rd grade education.
If she happens to be on the “CREW” that stops to render aid … RUN – DO NOT WALK to the
closest care provider.

299 days ago


That's a scary thought she should go to bar tending school not EMT school

299 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

It's a slow news day right? Now,where's my chocolate egg nog!?

299 days ago


At least she is attempting something and trying to make an honest living at a regular job instead of desperately clinging to her reality fame like so many others. Kate Gosselin, most of the cast of the Hills, and the Kardashians amongst countless others should take her lead. She's trying at least.

299 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Don't worry, darlin', you will never reach complete obscurity as long as TMZ exists. It is the unofficial Hollywood Has Been website.

299 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

The only thing I know about those MTV teen tvvats is what I read. Maybe she got the memo that it's over and she has to find gainful employment. I'll give her credit for at least trying.

299 days ago


Who cares ??

299 days ago


This site is digusting

299 days ago

Drunk'n sailor     

Glad she is putting that greasy show behind her and moving onto something much better.

299 days ago

Blue Lake    

Good for her. She's my new hero. Seriously, it's nice that she has a good brain and social conscience. I wish her lots of good luck in her future.

299 days ago
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