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Blames Dr. Luke For Eating Disorder

He Called Me Fat

1/4/2014 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0104-dr-luke-kesha-gettyKe$ha is telling friends her eating disorder was caused by her very own music producer Dr. Luke -- claiming he bashed her weight and even called her a big, fat refrigerator ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected to Ke$ha tell us ... it all started when the singer's "Get Sleazy" tour ended in 2011.  She says Luke -- who signed Ke$ha to a deal at age 18 -- started ragging on her over the extra lbs she had gained in her downtime.

Ke$ha says Luke -- a huge producer who has worked with Miley Cyrus and Rihanna -- began calling Ke$ha fat and urged her management team to do something about it.

Our sources say Ke$ha complained ... during a music video shoot in 2012 Luke told her she "looks like a f***ing refrigerator" ... and the singer was profoundly affected by it.

We broke the story ... Ke$ha is now in rehab for an eating disorder.

Calls to Dr. Luke went unanswered.


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I can't believe you people are being so mean. She's going through a hard time in her life and you just call her "a well paid whore"? Even if you don't like her music, at least respect her feelings.

300 days ago


I really despise that man. She worked hard and is stuck with him now. It is harsh to call someone fat and when you have so many haters saying the same thing, you believe it. Who wants to be skinny anyways? It's overrated. Most skinny people have no boobs or but. Society is just messed up and can never be happy with everyone the way they are. Grow up haters. She needs support not more hate. Put yourself in that situation. Wouldn't be so fun would it.

300 days ago

OH NO!    

Dr . Luke has a ****ing huge forehead. Holy ****! WTF?

300 days ago


She is not completely perfect. No one is. Can people just deal with it? She's not a nasty whore either. Many women are the same way other people just don't know it because they aren't famous. If men can talk about women in such a sexual way then why can women do the same to men?

300 days ago


Girls are to emotional! I'm sure whatever he said he was kidding and I'm sure when he said it she laughed. I've been in the same situation where a girl blamed me for her eating disorder when she knew 100% I was kidding. Kesha just wants attention because no one really care about her..

300 days ago


Where's the "strong woman" now? Perhaps the first thing she'll learn rehab is not to blame others for her choices.

300 days ago


We are raising wimps.. Wtf?? Sticks and stones...... What a lame excuse...

300 days ago


I hope she gets better soon. I enjoy her music and find her to be very entertaining. There is a lot of unacceptable bullying going on in the comments here. Freedom of Speech is one thing, but throwing people under the bus is just downright tacky.

300 days ago


Has worked with Miley and Rhianna and both of those girls lost (almost too much) weight in the last 2 years. Coincidence? Maybe someone should tell Dr. Luke he looks like Chester the Molester.

300 days ago

double d    

Indulgence makes u fat

300 days ago

double d    

She just needs to learn balance. I have a hard time with it. Food everywhere then u can't get in jeans u have worn for 5 years. It's depressing

300 days ago


News Flash! One a$$hole insulted another a$$hole!

300 days ago


LAME!!! take responsibility for your own actions! That's a cowards way out to blame someone else for your stupid "eating disorder". If she felt that bad about his comments she should have worked out, eating healthy instead of that BS starving yourself. I don't feel bad for her.

300 days ago


Eff you, Dr.Luke! Don't go around calling women fat when they are not! 90 lbs is not beauty! Curves are!!

300 days ago


Dr. Luke needs to tell you off for your satanic views and imagery as used in your videos and songs. After you get out of rehab, you need to go get an exorcism. And since apparently Dr. Luke doesn't seem to be down on your drug use, drinking, sleeping around, and your satanist views, well, I assume he is in need of an exorcism too. Funny how you are not in rehab for your drug and alcohol use??? Oh, the irony of it all. Some guy calls you fat, and you fall apart, but it is okay to push satanism, drugs, alcohol and sleeping around--and neither one of you has a problem with it???

300 days ago
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