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Evander Holyfield

Rips Gays on Big Brother UK

It's a Choice and Can Be Fixed

1/5/2014 10:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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010514-evander-holyfield-launch-3Evander Holyfield told a housemate on "UK Celebrity Big Brother" that being gay is no different than being handicapped ... because a doctor can fix both ... and was immediately SCOLDED like a child by "BB" producers.

Holyfield made the comments Sunday -- during his first week in the BB house -- when reality star Luisa Zissman asked him if there were any gay boxers in the sport.

Holyfield -- a deeply religious Christian --cited the bible and said homosexuality is NOT a choice ... but rather something like a "handicap" ... something doctors can fix.

Zissman respectfully disagreed with Evander ... and it seemed the two were ready to move on with their lives ... when Evander was taken to a private room, where producers RIPPED him for expressing his beliefs.

In fact, "BB" producers called Evander's comments "inappropriate" because they "aren't the views that are held by a large section of society."

Holyfield says he understood that his comments could be considered offensive ... but never apologizes.

This whole situation reminds us why we revolted against England ... so we could have the freedom to express our religious and other beliefs ... no matter how offensive.

As bad as Evander is .. the show is being RIDICULOUS. Didn't they they learn anything from the A&E/"Duck Dynasty" debacle??

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Okay, Im all for gay rihts and gay marriage and that homosexuality is something you are born as, but someone cannot "express their views" that it is a choice? He didn't use foul language, or threatened anyone, which is tolerated, but thinks homosexuality is a choice and therefore has to be harrangued by the show? Is freedom of speech still a principle western civilization lives by?

300 days ago


Holyfield shouldn't have compared homosexuality to handicaps. I personally know someone who's been a quadripilegic since 1974, and it's my wild guess he'll never walk again in this life.

300 days ago


Well I can't prove he is wrong but I'm not sure that makes him right. The reaction from the gay crowd suggests that he is right. If his thoughts/opinion are so ludicrous why even mention it on TMZ? Sounds like gays are making a choice.

300 days ago

devil's advocate    

I hope Evander realizes being black is a choice. He may have been born that way but he can bleach himself white just like Michael Jackson did.

300 days ago


The Real Deal HolyField!!!

300 days ago


who cares anymore? People say worth about Christians... Republicans... anyone who doesn't agree with their lifestyle/ideology. There are people who don't agree with you... God forbid. Grow some balls, put on your big kid panties, build a bridge and get over it.

300 days ago


TMZ moved on from Phil now at least.

300 days ago


Lots and lots of people keep saying that men having butt sex with each other is whacked. Can they all be wrong?

The Anus Is Exit Only.

300 days ago

A J Mclamb    

Who cares of you like men or women, its everyones choice and life. I do not care what Hollyfield or this chick thinks and I wish people would learn to keep their darn mouths shut. Why would she ask about gay boxers anyway? Why is that important? A boxer is a boxer. Who they choose to sleep with is none of her business, because that is what she is really asking!!!

300 days ago


Atheists, and some of the gay community bash Christians all the time. Yet that does not make TMZ's headlines.

300 days ago


Another dude bit off his ear. That would make anybody prejudiced.

300 days ago


Obviously Holyfield has been hit too many times in the head to have an ounce of common sense.

300 days ago

Scott Levy    

Doesn't he have multiple kids by multiple women? He has no right to judge others for their sexuality.

300 days ago


Yikes! And I thought his biggest offense is fallen from his superstar status and doing a reality show in the UK. After this, we could start putting his in the same D-list as Courtney Stoudden.

300 days ago

Fred Thompson    

GLAAD will target him for more bullying, but that doesn't make his opinion any less valid. People are allowed to say whatever they want. I'm tired of 5% of the population trying to intimidate the rest of us.

Whether it's a choice or not, dudes are sucking c*cks and lots of people find that weird. Deal with it.

300 days ago
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