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Michael Muhney

Angry Y&R Fans Plan Aerial Attack on CBS

1/6/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105_Michael-Muhney_tmz_compositeIt's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's a flying banner paid for by "Young and the Restless" fans outraged at CBS for firing Michael Muhney.

Turns out a group of Y&R fanatics on Facebook pooled together $785 to pay for a banner that will soon fly over CBS Studios in Los Angeles with a message saying, "NO ADAM NEWBIE, JUST MICHAEL MUHNEY."

TMZ broke the story ... Muhney was fired last month for allegedly groping 20-year-old co-star Hunter King's breasts on 2 different occasions.  Muhney has allegedly harassed people on the set for a long time.

Y&R's plan is to retire the character and bring a new actor in to reprise the role of Adam Newman, but it's not sitting well with diehard fans.

Don't mess with soap fans.


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Can't believe people still watch Soaps

292 days ago

Joey Boots    

He should just come out as gay to prove he meant nothing by it (the breast groping).

292 days ago


Talk about cognitive dissonance.. I wonder if they would still be flying airplanes over CBS if he had grabbed the breasts of their daughters, sisters or mothers? Get a life soapheads, what a bunch of perfect losers.. and f*ck that guy he got what he deserved, he is lucky he is not in jail groping some dudes junk...

292 days ago


Please find something worth fighting for! His behaviour is disgusting if what has been reported here is true.

292 days ago


How misdirected people are. Couldn't they raise their money for something worthwhile in this world, like perhaps a Violence Against Women in The Workplace Awareness campaign?
He has a history of misogyny and general douchebaggery and my fellow female gender goes and does this type of thing? *holds face in palms**

292 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

My guess would be his firing was over more than two alleged groupings. Producers are pretty lenient if your character is popular with fans or the accusations are not that serious. Although I've never watched a daytime soap, this story interests me now with the banner thing.

292 days ago


Hey TMZ - do not paint all of us Soap watchers with the same brush! I love Y&R and wouldn't consider putting so much of my energy into "saving" this guy. Not all of us are lunatics. Him and his wife pay for their own therapy!!!

292 days ago


The whole saving thing was a waste of flyer money. Cbs will just say the actor needs to save himself.

292 days ago


Why don't the fans work with him for a day, so they can how big of a douchey he really is.

292 days ago


If he did it, it's wrong. But have you seen her breasts? Sheesh!

292 days ago


People are really stupid. He is a sex offender, and you want him to have more access to his victim? Seriously, give your head a shake. The USA is really uncivilzed and inhumane. The next thing you know, they will be urinating on dead bodies and laughing about it.

292 days ago

The Executives Wife    

If this guy was really fired for being a pig I say let him go. Most people get on here and bash the almighty celebrity with how they think they are above the law. Well they are dealing with it and these wacky soap heads don't like it.

292 days ago


There are 2 sides to every story and apparently y'all are only listening to 1 side of yet. She made advancements towards him and he turned her down flat so she come up with this story and since her and JFP are such good friends he got the ax. Find out the whole story before you go trashing on MM. He is a good man, great father, and an amazing actor and now cbs head honcho as well as JFP have dug themselves a whole they can't get out of. Their jobs are next. Stay tuned!

292 days ago


785$ for a plane to fly a banner? That wouldn't even pay for the gas/pilot. Maybe a remote control toy plane. That's about their speed...

292 days ago


women are strange. the guy called himself a douchebag. *SWOON SUCH A DREAMBOAT*

292 days ago
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