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Eliminated 'Bachelor' Contestant

Producers Set Me Up to Fail

Then Humiliated Me

1/7/2014 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the contestants eliminated last night on "The Bachelor" is blaming producers -- telling TMZ, they told her to act like a dumb bimbo on the show ... and then broadcast her humiliating rejection.

Kylie Lewis tells us, producers told her to do 3 things that she now believes resulted in leaving the show roseless:

--  They told her to dye her hair from strawberry blonde to red

--  They advised her to wear a pink dress instead of purple

 -- They had her tweet Juan Pablo immediately after they met for the first time ... making her look desperate


Kylie -- who's an artist -- says she had drawn a picture of Juan which she intended to give him to create a good first impression, but producers wanted a lame tweet instead, making her look like an immature ditz:

And as if getting rejected wasn't bad enough, Kylie says producers went out of their way to air her extremely embarrassing misstep on last night's show.

If you missed it, Juan selected another bachelorette (Kat) to receive a rose, and Kylie thought she heard her name ... so she walked up to get the flower. When she realized it was a mistake, she was humiliated, and she's crushed producers chose to air it ... TRANSLATION:  This chick is naive.

The rep for the show had no comment.


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Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Sweetie, you just received more publicity than 99 percent of all contestants ever! Give the producers a good knobber.

289 days ago


She's the idiot who followed their direction!!! Fame hungry all the way, cause if she wanted to truly find love, she would not comprises who she is!!

289 days ago


Ok she did look much better before that is true. I also am now thinking that they also set up the situation that the girl who got the first rose was to act very uninspired by it all. It looked so fake and she looked as if she were acting. Did anyone else get that vibe?

289 days ago


stupid show. I can't believe people watch this crap.

289 days ago


I was told they want everyone to drink so they look like morons.

289 days ago


I would call the hair color in the BEFORE picture dirty blonde instead of strawberry blonde. In fact the AFTER picture looks more strawberry blonde than the BEFORE picture does. Also, you're an idiot if you think that reality shows like this are real. You don't always have to do what the producers of the show ask you to do.

289 days ago


The younger generation has no clue how to handle rejection they all seem to think everything has to be fair and if they fail it is always some other persons fault. These young people better start growing up because nothing in this world is fair.

289 days ago


I watched the whole episode and the only thing she did embarrassing was another girl's name was called and she thought she had gotten a rose. I think whatever acting out she is doing now is making her look worse. Don't go on the show if you don't want to be embarrassed!

289 days ago

Alisha Williams    

no one set her up, he clearly said CAT, kiley , they dont even sound the same, man shes stupid

289 days ago


Yeah she was better off not saying anything and should have used publicity in her favor by playin it cool - make it something positive.

289 days ago


So sad poor baby you got dumped that is all that happened. He did not want you so kiss your 15 minutes of fame .

289 days ago


That's what happens when you don't stay true to who you are.

289 days ago


BTW, is it just me, but being a red head wearing pink and/or Purple is JUST NOT a good combo. You've just shown how much more of a dumb bimbo you are.

289 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

daafaaqq did i just watch? the GUY!! was DISAPPOINTED!! that TWO CHICKS!! wanted to ride his CHIT?!! HE WAS DISAPPOINTED? THAT TWO CHICKS WERE SPRUNG? wow. now that's all news to me.. #gggaaaayyyyyyyyyy and probably aids? and the contestants are more than ok with that. i mean did you see how disappointed he was? like almost fainted in disappointment. is that normal???

289 days ago


But if she had been picked none of those changes would have mattered to her. Grow up and learn how to handle rejection. Don't complain now because you complied and heard what you wanted to hear when he didn't call your name. Ps. You look better as a red head anyway

289 days ago
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