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Honey Boo Boo Family

Injured in Bad Car Wreck

1/7/2014 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0107-honey-boo-boo-car-crash-tmzHoney Boo Boo and her family were in a bad car crash Monday night ... TMZ has learned.

Honey Boo Boo, Mama June, Pumpkin and Jessica were all passengers in the car driven by Sugar Bear.  

Sources tell us ... they were at a red light, waiting to turn left.  The light turned green and Sugar Bear began the turn.  A guy driving a truck was allegedly speeding in the opposite direction with his lights off and crashed into them.

Members of the family were taken to a local hospital ... an ambulance showed up, but Mama June tells TMZ ... the EMTs were going to take them to a hospital they didn't like so they went to another hospital in an SUV driven by their bodyguard.

Pumpkin says Sugar Bear has a contusion on his back, Mama June has a back and neck sprain, Honey Boo Boo hit her head against a passenger window and has a headache, and Pumpkin herself has severe chest bruises and is having panic attacks.

And June tells TMZ ... "We've only had that Suburban for 6 months and it's not even paid off yet."



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Technically you should yield for a left turn on green most of the time, depending on signage....BUT...if the other driver was speeding with no lights's the other drivers fault.

268 days ago


wish they all would have been killed so it would end this dumb --- show. all this show does is reinforce the negetive stereotype redneck inbred hillbilly family.

268 days ago


Hopefully they wont come back and the show will be canceled

268 days ago

Dusty 754    

And this is important because? Don't know of anyone that is intelligent that watches shows like the one they are in

268 days ago


Wow there are so many jealous people on here how dear you wish a little girl dead ok so shes kind of different from how I raise my kids a bit rude but shes still a little girl and we have no right to tell anyone how to bring there kids up anyway there not on welfare and they are making money off you all watching them on tv. So why get mad that someone with less of an education makes more money then you do?! Dont like it go get a different job, if you say you cant then go back to school and educate yourself so you can dumb ass but dont be mad a little girl makes more then you do .

268 days ago


this show is a trainwreck from start to finish. wish they had been killed in the wreck and put us out of our misery. this show does nothing but reinforce the redneck inbred hillbilly sister humping redneck of old. modern white southerns are refined and as cultured as anyone else in the world. but as long as shows and familys like this are considered entertainment we as a culture will all be seen as backwards and stupid as this family is everyday.

268 days ago

Tyrone Jefferson    

Here Comes Runny Poo-Poo!

268 days ago


Sounds like one big BOO BOO

268 days ago

Black Adam    

Wouldn't be suprised if Crazy Tony hit them to get back on the show.

268 days ago


Society crumbles when it takes cues from the underclass
When Snooki, whose talents include getting sloppy drunk and throwing up on camera, made Barbara Walters’ “Ten Most Fascinating People” list a few years back, one could only ask: Was Octomom not available?
Last year, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” which features a cornucopia of social ills, was TLC’s highest-rated show, attracting more cable viewers than the Republican National Convention, which had the misfortune to share the time slot with the charmers from Georgia. The show’s matriarch, June Shannon, has four daughters by four men, one of whose names she can’t recall.
White Trash is the new normal — and you don’t have to tune in to reality TV to rub elbows with pathologies that once stayed put in Skunk Hollow. White Trash Normal has invaded every nook and cranny of life, from table manners, to dress, to money management. Remember when bouncing a check was shameful? Now apparently it’s shameful for banks to charge overdraft fees.
Students of Arnold Toynbee, the English historian, will recognize what is going on here. In a chapter of his “A Study of History” entitled “Schism in the Soul,” Toynbee argued that it is a sign that a society is disintegrating when it takes its cues for manners and customs from the underclass. He describes such societies as being “truant” to their own values.
Toynbee is the guide to what we see all around us today.
We modern philistines tell ourselves that rejecting the customs and conventions of a stuffy, old elite will release creativity and bring about a renaissance. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to Toynbee, self-expression replaces creativity when disintegrating societies look downward.
Aspiration is replaced by complacency. Shame vanishes. Any criticism becomes “haters gonna hate,” or the White Trash motto: “It don’t make no difference.”
White Trash signifiers have changed of course — the foreclosed
McMansion with the mosquito-infested swimming pool has replaced the rusting tractor permanently bivouacked on cement blocks in the front yard. But it’s the same general idea.
Obesity, the product of a lack of discipline, sloppy dressing, loud and intimate cellphone chats broadcast to a captive audience and foul language nonchalantly uttered in the ATM line are all forms of this “self-expression.”
Pre-White Trash, physical intimacy was reserved to private places. Now it’s reserved for the subway. You no longer have to live in a one-room shack to learn the facts of life early. Just walk down the toy aisle at Toys “R” Us for a sexpot Bratz Doll.
Children who see daytime television, broadcast in public areas, are inevitably treated to Jerry Springer reruns. How do you explain “Honey, I’m a Ho,” or “Transsexuals Attack” to a tot? Oh, wait, the tot explains it to you.
Tattoos are form of self-expression that have moved from gangs and prisons to the mainstream.
A 30-something scholar with a respected organization in Washington, DC, recently showed up at a fancy dinner in a little black ****tail dress, her shoulders extensively inked. Further sign of the impending apocalypse: She is a tattooed Chi Omega, once the Southern snob-appeal sorority. My young friend wore a “bespoke” tattoo, which means it was designed in consultation with an “artist.” In my mind, it bespoke volumes.
People in all walks of life used to put forth effort not to be taken for White Trash — in contrast to people today, who risk hepatitis to ape the decorative styles of prison gangs.
Not being White Trash wasn’t a matter of money. It was purely behavioral.
When did we decide that elastic waist bands, convict-inspired fashion and swearing on a cellphone were authentic ways to express individuality?
If we read our Toynbee, things may be even worse than we think. In Toynbee’s view, it’s up to the elites to save a civilization. They must become once again vigorously creative (think: great art, not
twerking on TV) and worthy of imitation.
But how to get there from here? We could try saving our admiration for what’s really admirable. So let’s quit pretending that there’s anything charming about stripper-themed fashion and financial irresponsibility. All we have to lose is our inner Honey Boo Boo.
Bring back manners, bring back aspiration, bring back responsibility, heck, bring back the man in the gray flannel suit. We miss you. - Charlotte Hayes

268 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Well at least they made a show of decent people, and not fake azz people. Nasty talking people, or one's you can't understand and every other word is a beep.

268 days ago


She's worried about the car?

268 days ago


Oh no, my neck hurts. Oww my back hurts. Oops I think I hit my head. Lawsuit. Whatever. I don't believe for one second they were hurt.

268 days ago


They have a bodyguard? What the hell for?

268 days ago

New York    

Never watched the show, the peeps are all gross looking!!!!!

268 days ago
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