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Y&R Michael Muhney

I'm So Much Better Looking Than Zach Braff

1/7/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Muhney
-- who was fired recently from "The Young and the Restless" for allegedly groping his co-star's boobs -- was also fired from "Veronica Mars" -- partly because his ego was out of control ... sources connected with the production tell TMZ.

A source connected with the production tells TMZ ... Michael told multiple people on the show he was up for the lead in the TV show "Scrubs" along with Zach Braff, but he was just too good looking.

One source said, "I'm not a fan of Michael's," adding, "He had a VERY strong sense of self."  We're told the consensus was ... his personality was just really tough to take.

Another source tells TMZ ... the final straw was that Michael allegedly released portions of the season finale online.  He was fired, and the way they killed him off was great.  He was investigating a crime inside a house and got shot.  His last words were, "I smell bread" ... and then he died.

But we spoke with an actress -- Jenna Zablocki -- who was Michael's on-screen love interest in "The Portal."  She says, "He was a gentleman, professional, and a really cool guy."

As for the Y&R firing ... the allegations were hardly a secret ... last month a user on a popular soap blog had posted details of the alleged breast-grabbing allegations.

We called Michael's rep but did not hear back.



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298 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

He's laying there thinking. That last grab was really worth it. She has nice tits.

298 days ago


Zach Braff isn't a jack a$$! Zach keeps his hands to himself. Wonder what his wife thinks?

298 days ago


Anjelica McDaniels Head of CBS Daytime still using bullying tactics against Michael Muhney via her husband Brian McDAniels TMZ 's EDITING PRODUCER...Get a grip, Mr. and MRS, McDaniels your despersation is seeping through. No One is buying your smear campaign , at least no one that matters true MICHAEL MUHNEY fans and he has many. Is this the best you can do? HE HAS A BIG EGO! That hasn't seem to stop any of the major actors and actresses from getting ahead.
Michael has talent and tons of fans BOTTOM LINE!

298 days ago


Yes he is a lot prettier than that dog. Getting so tired of this smear campaign. Stop it already.

298 days ago


That booby touching dude should just admit he is gay.

298 days ago


I"m not surprised that MIchael Muhney tried to spoil the finale for Veronica Mars. He was getting fired and that was a vindictive way to hurt the show.

Notice he tried to do a similar thing with Young & the Restless.

When he did the pretentious Nelson Branco interview about his firing and hasty exit, Michael made sure to say the character Adam was not going to be killed off (! how dare you ruin it!) but was going to be off the canvas for three to 6 months.

Now, of course that is called a spoiler. And Muhney knew that the show did not want fans to know ahead of time how the Delia storyline would end. Would Billy shoot Adam? Would Adam go to jail? Well, I guess he's not getting shot. I see what you did, Michael. ;-). Goodbye, Michael, you classless, vindictive, transparent fool.

P.S. Since Muhney put up that Ben Franklin quote tonight, it's been a pleasure to see so many of his former co-workers tweeting support for his victim. No co-workers tweeted support for Michael, though. :-)

P.P.S. I"m sorry his Veronica Mars co-worker misspoked and said he has a "strong sense of self." No, he has a weak sense of self. That's why he's so manipulative. He's a Peter Keating not a Howard Roark. Arrogance and ego are really two different things. Delusion is quite another (Surely Muhney knows he's not particularly handsome).

298 days ago


Okay, scuzzbag, reeled himself in. He did the bad thing, we fired him and now he's off into the blue yonder. Seriously, I'd like this scuzzbag to answer to the charges and spend time in jail. JMO>..

298 days ago


Michael Muhney is a very very vocal person. He's been on twitter going off on people for trivial matters yet he has remained silent on this matter? When will his stupid minions wake up and realize their god is flawed. He's a horny pervert who right now is begging his wife to forgive him. There is no way a man as vocal as him would allow all this crap to be said about him and remain silent. That's why in that Nelson Branco interview he was so contrite apologizing and thanking Sony and CBS. He knows what he did was wrong. His followers need to read that interview. He is basically admitting to what he did. Idiots.

298 days ago


This story is not adding up. I always find suspicious when a guy is fire and right after they start with smear campaigns.
I'm not a fan of Michael Muhney but i understand the tatics...

298 days ago


Are you trying to ruin this guys life?
Are you now judge and jury?
Pretty LOW`` even for you`` guys!!!!

298 days ago


I think he looks like a little pixie elf! His poor family, if what is reported is true he needs serious help. He definitely should be fired and replaced, there are so many other actors that can keep their hands to themselves (especially off young people) and need the work. His sense of self should be that his behaviour was appalling and he should be concerned for his own family who he has embarrassed and have to deal without his income. Unreal!

298 days ago


I love that I make a post about the soap blog and suddenly TMZ posts about a soap blog posting it. Still, they post no evidence or any real sources. Just rumors from soap blogs.

This is a man's life and livelihood. You're really going to post information pertaining to an allegation found on a BLOG?

And even still...this Soap.SheKnows blog wasn't even the was originally from the Soapnetwork forums, which are notoriously Anti-Muhney and were celebrating his firing BEFORE any of these rumors began. It began pages into the discussion of his firing AND was posted by a member who HATES Muhney, on a forum that can be joined and commented on by ANYBODY. The poster literally said "somebody close to the show TOLD ME" so he wasn't just reporting from another source.

And I saw the show post this stuff and...HOW many closeups of the alleged victims breasts did you show? Moral compass TMZ...Moral Compass.

298 days ago


The blogger at crazydaysandnights also has TONS of stories about him over the years. and they are pretty bad. This girl wasn't the only person at Y&R he was harassing and/or bullying.
He's only 38 so it isn't too late for him to make efforts to turn himself around for his family and his sanity.

298 days ago


The more TMZ keeps up with this the less I believe. It isn't like this is the first time soaps have had these types of rumors but it is definitely the first time TMZ has paid this much attention to soaps period. Seeing as the Head of CBS Daytime Angelica McDaniel is married to TMZs Brian McDaniel and she was under tremendous pressure from fans due to this firing this seems more like a smear campaign. Especially when TMZ seems to have the only "inside source" that even the soap press doesn't have.

298 days ago
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