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Y&R Michael Muhney

I'm So Much Better Looking Than Zach Braff

1/7/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Muhney
-- who was fired recently from "The Young and the Restless" for allegedly groping his co-star's boobs -- was also fired from "Veronica Mars" -- partly because his ego was out of control ... sources connected with the production tell TMZ.

A source connected with the production tells TMZ ... Michael told multiple people on the show he was up for the lead in the TV show "Scrubs" along with Zach Braff, but he was just too good looking.

One source said, "I'm not a fan of Michael's," adding, "He had a VERY strong sense of self."  We're told the consensus was ... his personality was just really tough to take.

Another source tells TMZ ... the final straw was that Michael allegedly released portions of the season finale online.  He was fired, and the way they killed him off was great.  He was investigating a crime inside a house and got shot.  His last words were, "I smell bread" ... and then he died.

But we spoke with an actress -- Jenna Zablocki -- who was Michael's on-screen love interest in "The Portal."  She says, "He was a gentleman, professional, and a really cool guy."

As for the Y&R firing ... the allegations were hardly a secret ... last month a user on a popular soap blog had posted details of the alleged breast-grabbing allegations.

We called Michael's rep but did not hear back.



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maybe as the Todd 5?

289 days ago

Kathy Paper    

I have been a fan of Y and R for many years. I have seen many actors come and go for many reasons. When Michael M. replaced the other actor(name I can't recall) I did not like him. The previous actor was much more handsome however I think he also had a big ego and wanted more money, so they let him go. (a much better way to leave) Michael is a pervert since there is no mistake that this has happened before. He needs help and if his wife doesn't get him help and stays with him then she is as bad as him, and was obviously brainwashed that he is God's gift to women!!! Bet he would be the first to speak out if someone did that to his daughter!

289 days ago


TMZ, you should report the only reason he was hired on Y&R is because he was willing to make out with a dude. The actor before him refused to kiss face a guy, so boom Mike got the part.... Interesting huh?

289 days ago

Kathy Paper    

I've been a longtime fan of Y and R. I have seen actors come and go for various reasons, usually money. The previous " Adam was much more "handsome" than Michael but he wanted more money, and they couldn't agree so he was let go. When Michael started, I didn't like him, but I did get used to him. After what happened not just once but twice, I believe that Michael has a problem. I also believe that his wife should get him help or leave him. If she chooses to stay with him,I guess he has brainwashed her that he is God's gift to women. I also believe that if this happened to his daughter, he would be the first to want the actor fired. I am surprised that the Bell family had to be threatened by the young lady in order to get him fired, or she would go to the police. It just doesn't sound like them. (my opinion is she should go to the police) Keep in mind everyone is replaceable!!

289 days ago


If this story was true and hunter king truly felt fearful enough to go to the brass at CBS, why didn't she feel the need to go to the police? If she truly is a victim of such acts, I do not understand why she didn't seek protection from the police and perhaps seek an order of protection? Radar Online and two other sites report that she demanded he be fired or she would go to the police. CBS also reportably told her regardless of what they decided to do, if she had felt a crime had been committed, then they suggested she file a police report. According to Radar online and two other sites, no police report has ever been filed. AGAIN, this entire story was started as a rumor by a fan ( or non fan), on the soaps message boards for soap fans..........and the rest is mean spirited, gossip history.

288 days ago


Personally i'm going to miss Michael Muhney, i think he's an excellent actor. It's reallt to bad something can't be worked out. An apology, verbal warning.
My guess the ratings may start falling, he's that good. I hope he can find something to keep himself, and his family financially afloat.


288 days ago


She should of reached up and slapped the Hell out of him them maybe just maybe he would of got the hint. In my opinion he is not thet good looking.

288 days ago


Showed my daughter his pic so she can stay clear just in case!

288 days ago

go home!    

Nice to see you get your "sources" for your stories from anonymous posters on Soap Opera message boards TMZ! That is some top notch reporting!! Better watch out or your asses will be sued. I don't give a crap if the actor I watch on TV has a big ego, as long as they entertain me and are talented. Muhney was both of those. Actors are known for having big egos, if you don't have a big ego, you will never make it in acting because there is too much rejection along the way to success. You have to be able to take it. Oh, and Muhney IS much better looking than Zqch Braff and trust, a lot of good looking actors are not getting parts these days because they want to cast the "every day" man. Just look at the uggs on commercials.

288 days ago


So TMZ's strategy is to smear the guy even more with totally unrelated BS? Classy. And by the way, that actress who plays Summer is terrible and NOT attractive, don't know why they think she can act, 1, or portray a high fashion model, 2...if he did that to me, I'd have slapped him and been done with it. If he did it in front of another actor, why didn't that guy confirm it or do something about it? lThere has got to be so much more to this than what is being put out there. Hope it didn't happen for everyone involved.

288 days ago


I'm deeply saddened by this news Michael's chemistry with his on screen son is amazing. The baby smiles at everything he says. Hunter should have just put him on his place and not taken away his bread and butter. No one plays Adam like him. Her was

288 days ago


I wish he would get up and use that gun on the KarTRASHIAN family.

288 days ago


LOL, ''too good looking'', same excuse as Jessica Biel uses for why she doesn't get any acting jobs!
BTW Zack Braff has more subtle sense of humor in his toe fungus than this full of himself mirror dwelling self lover Michael Muhney has self-distance.

288 days ago


There two sides to every story, i'm still in hopes they give Michael another chance. I personally think Hunter King is a terrible actress. Is she the flirty type? possibly.
I sure hope he has another chance.


287 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

20 year old breasts, on one hand that sounds like it would give me food poisoning- but on the other I think I could get hard for that...

286 days ago
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