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'Dance Moms' Star


For Cat-Fighting Abby Lee Miller

1/9/2014 11:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the stars of "Dance Moms" was arrested in New York for allegedly attacking the show's biggest star ...  Abby Lee Miller ... TMZ has learned.

Kelly Hyland was booked in November for assault and harassment.  Here's what we're told ... Abby was searching for new talent and Kelly was getting pissed off that her kids were being overlooked.  When Abby dared to bring a potential pint-sized star by the studio, our sources say Kelly freaked out.

Eyewitnesses tell us ... Kelly began screaming at Abby and then Kelly allegedly grabbed Abby's hair and it became a full-on cat fight.

So far charges have not been filed, but guess what?  Three cameras were rolling during the altercation.

Translation -- win win.



No Avatar


Hey, Baby,euh huh huh uhuh uhuhuhuh

198 days ago


all of the women who appear on that show are a bunch of low class animals.

198 days ago


This show is a disgrace and is emotionally abusive to girls.

198 days ago

boo boo    

Wow! I would not let my child near any of those attention whores. Acts of violence in front of your kids over DANCING? Disgusting!

198 days ago


I don't understand why child services does not get involved, Abby is verbally abusive to children!! Those kids are being abused and nobody is helping them...shameful

198 days ago


I watch this show because I LOVE to watch Chloe and Kendall dance. They are gorgeous kids I couldn't imagine though allowing my chd to be bullied by Abby like they do and I Cosby imagine behaving, ie, screaming, cursing, crying and physically fighting like these women. What the heck kind of exams are they for their kids

198 days ago


Going by the fact that the able thrives on the mothers fighting and no charges were filed this was a set up for the show. That as scripted. As far as the way Abby treats the girls? That normal. It's no different than a football coach going at his players. We don't like it but it gets results. Those girls are amazing dancers.

198 days ago


If the moms are so unhappy, why haven't they moved their kids to a new studio ? Say what you want about Abby but what mother would leave their kid with somebody that mistreats their kids ? A STAGED REALITY SHOW.

198 days ago


These people are sick in the fvcking head.... exploiting young children to this nonsense.

198 days ago


The ladies in the Real Housewives franchises have a clause in their contract whereby they CANNOT sue another cast member for fighting with them - even if it gets physical. My guess is Abby contractually can't sue.

198 days ago


Abby is actually nice in person you morons it's all for show you people must be dumb if you believe that the moms would bring the daughters to her if she wasn't nice it's all a lie

198 days ago


I'm with Jeannie on this one. If the moms were THAT unhappy being around each other, they would go elsewhere. I think alot of this is put-on for the viewers. Why would they stay around each other if they really hated each other???

198 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Don't need to know details, the fat broad won.

198 days ago


What I find surprising is how this foul-mouthed pork rind has the gall to call herself a dance instructor. The only dance she does is when she waltzes up to the buffet table at Golden Corral.

198 days ago

Lynn M    

When I first began watching, I joined in the chorus of those who dislike Abby's tough style. I have changed my mind as I have watched the show over the multiple seasons. Most of these students have been with Abby since they were three. In the case of Kelly, she was also a student when Abby's mom ran the studio. In Abby's eyes, if you want to be on the team, she needs 100% commitment. Kelly has been pushing Brooke into singing (the girl can't sing well but apparently her songs sell to her DM fans). This has caused friction because Brooke is often unprepared. The moms are up in arms because Abby is taking the opportunity to train dancers who threaten their student's place on the team. Bottom line, like her or not, Abby's students are prepared for the not so fuzzy world of professional dance. Abby wants her students to be able to handle the real world of professional dance, not the touchy feely world that doesn't exist. You are always replaceable and crying is unprofessional. I always find it interesting to look at the students eyes when their mom's fight with Abby. Most of them are begging their mom's to shut up. All that said, I do find that Abby needs to stop her eye rolls if she wants her students not to eye roll.

198 days ago
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