'Dance Moms' Star Arrested For Cat-Fighting Abby Lee Miller

1/9/2014 11:29 AM PST

'Dance Moms' Star -- ARRESTED For Cat-Fighting Abby Lee Miller


One of the stars of "Dance Moms" was arrested in New York for allegedly attacking the show's biggest star ...  Abby Lee Miller ... TMZ has learned.

Kelly Hyland was booked in November for assault and harassment.  Here's what we're told ... Abby was searching for new talent and Kelly was getting pissed off that her kids were being overlooked.  When Abby dared to bring a potential pint-sized star by the studio, our sources say Kelly freaked out.

Eyewitnesses tell us ... Kelly began screaming at Abby and then Kelly allegedly grabbed Abby's hair and it became a full-on cat fight.

So far charges have not been filed, but guess what?  Three cameras were rolling during the altercation.

Translation -- win win.