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'Dance Moms' Star


For Cat-Fighting Abby Lee Miller

1/9/2014 11:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the stars of "Dance Moms" was arrested in New York for allegedly attacking the show's biggest star ...  Abby Lee Miller ... TMZ has learned.

Kelly Hyland was booked in November for assault and harassment.  Here's what we're told ... Abby was searching for new talent and Kelly was getting pissed off that her kids were being overlooked.  When Abby dared to bring a potential pint-sized star by the studio, our sources say Kelly freaked out.

Eyewitnesses tell us ... Kelly began screaming at Abby and then Kelly allegedly grabbed Abby's hair and it became a full-on cat fight.

So far charges have not been filed, but guess what?  Three cameras were rolling during the altercation.

Translation -- win win.



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They had a full on hissy fit and weren't just *****footing around.

253 days ago


Part of the show....

252 days ago


252 days ago


Eh, they're always fighting. But really, all the moms who are constantly fighting with Abby need to find another studio. All the yelling gets them nowhere and their blood pressure has got to be high. I mean someone is screaming every episode.

252 days ago


I can't remember any of my Juilliard Dance Professors speaking this way through my Undergraduate years. Strict discipline

252 days ago


GOOD! They are ALL nuts! These parents think their kids are all Beyonces! Abby is no angel, but she seems to know what she's doing because she wins awards! These mothers should go get a job and leave their kids alone and let the kids do what THEY want to do and NOT what their mothers want!

252 days ago


Kelly is a total DRUNK! and is always having an emotional breakdown. Press charges against her!

252 days ago

Mary Harding    

I feel sorry for these little girls that have to go thru this it seem to be an on going thing they have to find a way to get along arguing in front of children has to be tapered

252 days ago


Those little girls are very talented , it's not their fault that their mothers act like complete idiots . But I would do the same for my kid if I was them I would fight for my kid . But behind cameras . Those little girls have talent and should not be OVERLOOKED !

252 days ago


This sort of publicity stunt and the whole show wrongly teaches people that this is the right way to behave. And people wonder why this generation is rude and cruel!

Shameful of Lifetime Network to encourage this. Lifetime is now blocked on my TiVo and I suggest boycotting any of its advertisers.

251 days ago


Oh dear Lord don't let any of those naked pictures of Justin Beiber get leaked. I just had lasik surgery and don't want my eye sight reverting.

246 days ago


about this show with this bitchy teacher.. She is a BULLY.. Mom`s take you kids out and make her get off this tv.. she loves the hated hands on... I would never take my kid (s) there.. I agree with kelly .. But take your kids away from the teacher and find another.. I HATE THAT SHOW AND SO DOES EVERYONE I KNOW because of that teacher. !!

232 days ago


I quit watching this show a long time ago. The mothers are self absorbed pigs, Abby is a baaad,
example of motivation, and the entire show hurt my ears.

228 days ago


Just so ya guys know...that clip is from like over a year ago but I think its just proving that they fight wayyy too much, you can see the real catfight on tomorrows episode on lifetime and yeaa ive seen the previews,,they get physical. Abby should be the one being charged for verbally and emotionally abusing these children! The way she treats them makes the moms pissed off and act that way so don't blame it on kelly and the moms...abby deserves assault charges herself.

221 days ago


Number 1: Abby Miller was NEVER A DANCER! She has ZERO talent when it comes to dance or knowledge or how to move her body instinctually. You can't possibly know how to teach dance unless you have danced yourself. It's an intuitive physical emotion you have to learn to emote and portray.
Number 2: Abby Miller does NOT choreograph 3/4 the dances. Abby uses her choreographer to design her dances. There is a good chance Abby doesn't choreograph ANY of the dances, since she's never danced a day in her life!!
Number 3: Abby Miller cannot get off her dime to even begin to show the dancers how the moves are made because she cannot dance herself.
Number 4: Abby Miller favors Maddie over Chloe, yet Chloe has WAY more potential than Maddie given her body type. Maddie might make a good "Little Princess" on Broadway. That's about it!
Number 5: Abby Miller doesn't have the basic knowledge of ballet herself. If she did, she would NEVER have the girls all "cheat" to get leg extensions, (hips up) etc.. All of the girls have HORRENDOUS technique! HORRENDOUS!! No one hits a true 5th. Arms aren't in the correct positions, hips are uneven, bellies aren't in, no one has a turn-out on your team.. sorry to say.. Khalani, if you get her is the only one with a true turn-out and true flexibility. Maddie has no grace (over confident given her skill level), Chloe has grace, but no confidence (you destroyed that)
Number 6: The girls are all extremely weak on releve. Not ONE of your dancers can get on releve!!! What's up with that???
It is apparent in all of their turns that they don't have a strong foundation in ballet, which Abby says is so criticial to have. Chloe has a bit of a releve, but even hers is very weak for her age. Maddie and Kendall basically flat footed!! Ugh!!!!
Number 7: Maddie has had the same facial expressions for 4 years! It's really boring!
Number 8: The choreography all looks the same. For the past few years the routines are all the same. Especially for the lyrical. Abby needs to engage the girls in more ballet. They absolutely are behind in ballet foundation for their age!!! They are extremely weak dancers. Maybe Chloe and Khalani are the only ones with true potential. Paige would have had it too, if Abby had got her started in ballet years ago. Maddie has no real dance talent beyond cursory, same ol' same ol'.

Number 9: Abby Miller is mentally abusive and CSD should be called on her!!!
Number 10: Abby Miller was the first aggressor to Kelly and Kelly should have been afraid that her fingers were going to be bit off! If I were Kelly, I would file a police report stating that Abby was trying to bite my fingers off! I would have been very afraid that she might have done it. I think that Abby should go to jail for her abuse both to Kelly and to the girls. She has wounded, demoralized, humiliated, and broken young girls' hearts for no reason. She is an evil evil person and

220 days ago
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