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Justin Bieber


Even If He's a Felon

1/16/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber could go to prison for years -- very worst case scenario -- for his egg vandalism ... but he will NOT be deported to Canada.

There are stories circulating that the stakes are high for Bieber -- as in getting thrown out of the U.S.

Simply not true.  The law is clear.  In order to be deported for a crime, the offender must commit what is called an "aggravated" offense.  The law lists the various offenses, including:

-- possession of explosive materials or firearms
-- possession of child porn
-- illicit drug trafficking
-- alien smuggling
-- threats against the President
-- Sabotage or treason

Eggs are not on the list.

There is one catch-all -- crimes involving "moral turpitude."  But that's defined as crimes that shock the public conscience.  Egging just doesn't cut it.


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Justin is guilty of aggravating everyone in USA...deport!

219 days ago


I'm pretty sure you guys are wrong on this.

All the crimes you list are certainly ones that would get a person deported, but my understanding of the law is that any "felony" conviction is enough to make someone inadmissible to the United States, just as it is in Canada. The cops are investigating this case as a felony, and unless it's plea bargained to a misdemeanor, it could create big problems for him.

A DWI conviction will make someone inadmissible to Canada or the USA, and here we are talking about thousands of dollars of vandalism damage.

As for the "moral turpitude" catch-all, well that might come up with the search of the cell phone, if they find underage porn on it, or evidence Bieber provided drugs to others.

219 days ago


Malicious destruction of property does involve moral turpitude. Look it up. Plus this wasn't a random act, he specifically chose his neighbor to get back at him.

219 days ago


Darn it.

219 days ago


Ok... This kid is a kid to me... He's like what 19? What his two parents need to do is take him aside and tell to cut his **** out!! But of course they won't, cause who gunna pay there bills!!! Someone needs 2 step in and help him out... I liked justin when he first came out, he is talented but again he's young and needs guidance... Good luck

219 days ago

Harry Anslinger    

Just one naked picture of a sub 18 year old fan on his cellphone = possession of child porn = ground for deportation to Canada.

219 days ago

Eye roll     

This is ridiculous. Omg he threw some eggs at a house. Tmz really hates Justin for some reason

219 days ago



219 days ago


We already knew that, TMZ. Jails are filled with immigrants who are also felons with no deportation in sight. Some are even illegals, an offense that should warrant deportation all by itself without the other felonies.

219 days ago



219 days ago


The Bieb should be deported right now just for being a creep. Get him out of California already. What a loser.

219 days ago


What a little peckerhead.

219 days ago


That's good, you can keep him. Better yet, have them drop him on the dark side of the moon when he does his space trip lol

219 days ago

devil's advocate    

I'll bet Harvey and TMZ was sweating this one out. What would he have to post about if the Bieb's was kicked out of the US. There is always the Kardashians, bur Kimye is threatening to leave the country after his latest confrontation. Of course, we will still have to pay for them while they serve there prison time.

219 days ago

Just Steve    

I'm waiting for people to stopped acting like this dude has killed someone. He pees on inanimate objects, smokes weed and throws eggs at houses. Childsplay. Stop giving him the attention he doesn't deserve and he'll stop acting so foolish. Too late now huh

219 days ago
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