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Justin Bieber


Even If He's a Felon

1/16/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber could go to prison for years -- very worst case scenario -- for his egg vandalism ... but he will NOT be deported to Canada.

There are stories circulating that the stakes are high for Bieber -- as in getting thrown out of the U.S.

Simply not true.  The law is clear.  In order to be deported for a crime, the offender must commit what is called an "aggravated" offense.  The law lists the various offenses, including:

-- possession of explosive materials or firearms
-- possession of child porn
-- illicit drug trafficking
-- alien smuggling
-- threats against the President
-- Sabotage or treason

Eggs are not on the list.

There is one catch-all -- crimes involving "moral turpitude."  But that's defined as crimes that shock the public conscience.  Egging just doesn't cut it.


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I'm ok with this, keep him there. We don't want him back here anyways.

288 days ago


Damnit TMZ, couldn't you have let us fantasize a little longer before ripping the carpet out from under us like that?

288 days ago


Why not! Send his a. Sssss home. So sick of him

288 days ago


You're right that the law is clear, but you've misstated the law completely. His crime be classified as a "crime of violence," which is one of the crimes in the long list of aggravated offenses under 8 U.S.C. Section 1101. It includes damaging another's property. You're definition of "moral turpitude" is incorrect as well. Courts have ruled that something as small as disorderly conduct could be considered a crime of moral turpitude. Egging does cut it.

Additionally, the U.S. has a history of deporting aliens for non-felonies. There are many ways for Bieber to get deported.

Thanks for the article, TMZ, but you're wrong. Leave this discussion to people with a law school education.

288 days ago


Phew! Thank Goodness! Canada doesn't want him!

288 days ago


please don't send him back here, you guys can keep him

288 days ago

tracie gage    

That Beiber 'bitch' USA indulged needs knocking off his high horse. Thats what happens when a growing brain has too much luxury and power. All fantasy and no logic. Dont send him back here to Oz the worm dick little bitch.We dont tolrate tall poppies in Australia, especially with his invinsible attitude. We cut them down to size. Like your show most of the time. cheers from Oz....

288 days ago


This is retarded, I doubt eggs caused over 20 grand in damage this neighbor is just a bitch, I hate biebers songs but this kid is a boss. He pants pot plants on walls, speeds in exclusive neighborhoods and when someone pisses him off he takes action. Any normal american would or has done something of the same matter that bieber did and your all wanting him to get the worst just cause' hes had this stigma ever since he came out, Welcome to the USA... Land of the hypocrits!

288 days ago


Truth be told we may very well be sick of Justin's antics, but if he wasn't a well known entertainer this whole ordeal wouldn't be so big, only to the neighbor whom the offense has happened to. Many of you probably have done this or worst as a young adult. I am by NO means in approval of what he has done and I do think that he should have to pay EVERY DIME of the cost of damages done to this neighbors property and also for the inconvenience his actions has caused...but to go to jail for a VERY LONG TIME, for a non-violent crime...nih I don't think so! Let's put the right ppl behind bars for a long time if they are going at the expense of using our tax payers money. I am for justice, but for justice that fits the crime. I pray that Justin's team can stop allowing him to run around acting as an out of control adolescent and get him the help that he needs to turn his career and life around. IJS

288 days ago


peeing in a bucket in public should count as moral turpitude

288 days ago


We don't know what photos are on his cell phone. He could be charged with something other than vandalism. Plus, years in prison TMZ? Give us a break with your idiotic hyperbole.

288 days ago


I'd be glad to file a civil complaint about moral turpitude if it helped get him deported. If not, could we trade him for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford? That guy is a lot more entertaining.

288 days ago

Black Adam    

Actually he can get deported, because most likely some under age girls sent him some naked pictures. The police have his cell phone, and i hope they find something.

288 days ago


Can we pay Canada to take the little gay douchebag back?

288 days ago


Well, we'll just see what LEO does after they go through his mobile phone. I have a feeling it's chalk-full of incriminating evidence.

288 days ago
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