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Lil Za

Plays Race Card

In Drug Bust

1/16/2014 9:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Za thinks he was arrested during the raid at Justin Bieber's house because he was the only black guy in sight.

Za -- who was arrested for felony drug possession Tuesday -- just tweeted, "Some stuff I've done has been wrong yes.  but look at the position I'm in and the color of my skin.  Cocaine?  Really?"

Truth be told ... cops think it's Molly ... a form of Ecstasy.

It's unclear if Za is saying he was singled out because he's black or that cocaine is a "white guy's" drug.

Za was also arrested for beating a jail phone to death and charged with felony vandalism.


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So many in the media (and talk circuit) - already jumped to the race card immediately after the arrest. Why wouldn't he pick up on that? Weren't the drugs found ON him? Why couldn't it be his drugs? JB has been accused of a number of things (driving offences) that were later (by video surveillance) proven to be, in fact, Lil Za. And, by the way, wasn't Lil Za in the drug smoking videos with JB? Wasn't Lil Za the one throwing parties(then posted pix of drugs/alcohol) while JB was on tour? He's not without a history to his end, is he? His history makes these charges believable...not the colour of his skin! I also think he's trying to draw away from the fact the drugs were his by cryptic ally rejecting that it was cocaine found on him. Maybe Lil Za should have kept away...they both seem to get into trouble when they are around one another. Just a thought.

287 days ago


They say he need to go to rehab & he say NO NO NO...

287 days ago


WOah woah, somebody get this lil Ne_GhA.Al Saharpton or Jesse James on the case, ASAP....lil Cl_It just got discriminated lol...

287 days ago


With the hood rats, it's always about race. Boo fuquin' hoo retard, your coke, your ass. Get a clue.

287 days ago

You Wish    

Of course he played the race card. Did we think he wouldn't? I thought the Lil' Bitches were banished a couple months ago?

287 days ago

Black Adam    

The more black people use the race card the less of an effect it has. Right now saying " Because I'm Black" is right along with the excuse"These are not my pants sir".

287 days ago


I think it was primarily his past behavior which made the police focus in on him during the search and not the color of his skin.

I firmly believe the entire raid was done for the benefit of the neighborhood of rich people. Cops wanted to look like they were taking care of the situation - for the rich neighbors. The cops are probably PO'd that they couldn't arrest Bieber on the spot. You can bet that they ll leak anything and everything on Bieber's phone as a result.

287 days ago


Really the race card?'re guilty case closed

287 days ago


It's not because he's black,but it's starting to sound like his buddy totally bailed on him. He's looking for something because he was left getting blamed. And no, the drugs weren't on him, they were in plain view. This dude and Bieber sound like model citizens though.

287 days ago


yep cause your black dont think and black person tryed this crap before yet? every time a black person gets caught the first thing their momas tell them first say that your black . its like the cops ar3e cpoor blind yea no white guys do this its these dumb ass blacks that thing the world owes them something like the united nigro fun the naacp all black collage their own blck chanel .. how come t6he whites dont have a all white school fund or a all white chanell lets face it how many blacks did come on that boat over here . and did any whites complaine about being slaves from the romans no just the blacks it wont stop till they just shut up and face the music if he wasnt their doing stupid stuff he wount be under charges hey send that white boy back to canada to . and tell mr west to use the same thing to he also thinks he is gods gift to the world they need to under stand if they dont like it here they can all go back on that boat to where very they think they cam from

287 days ago


He is just angry because he can't grow FACIAL hair..

287 days ago


Oh PLEASE! Druggie! Why don't you just OD and save the taxpayers a bundle? And take Bieber with you!

287 days ago


Thats right N!gger you dont belong jn calabassas! As justins hanger on, you dont belong in entergainment period!

287 days ago


Perhaps he was arrested because he was acting like a douchebag?

287 days ago

Joey Boots    

The keyboard tough guys making racist comments here are just as, if not more, ignorant as this kid.

287 days ago
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