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Justin Bieber

Texts and Penis Pictures Are PHONY

1/17/2014 11:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has an saboteur in his camp ... a guy who claims he has text messages that the singer sent to Selena Gomez and others ... complete with pictures of his junk -- but TMZ has learned the texts and pictures are bogus.

The guy is trying to sell the texts to various media outlets through an intermediary.  The alleged texts include an argument with Selena Gomez in which Bieber supposedly tells her to f off, and rejects her plea for him to go to rehab.

In another text there are supposed conversations that Justin's inner circle would stage an intervention at 11:30 last night.  That didn't happen, because the text is bogus.

As for the penis photo, it was supposedly sent to Selena.

The photo appears to taunt her --  "Come on, don't tell me you don't miss this."

The response is: "Stop it.  You need to listen to Scooter and go to rehab. u r sick."

Justin texts back:  "F**k you. F**k scooter. F**k all y'all I AM DONE!"  He also says, "Can't hear you over my cash, babe!" You're only famous cuz of me."

Sources who are privy to the situation tell TMZ ... these texts are all phony and someone who is actually in Bieber's world has turned on him.



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Celeb Gossip Addict    

A source inside his camp was the only way you had of confirming the authenticity of the texts? They're never going to do that. The person that has "turned on him" probably just wants him to get help with his drug problem.

189 days ago


Everyone already knows that there is no penis there. Of course its gonna be fake.

189 days ago


Of course the penis pics are bogus... HE DOESN'T HAVE ONE!

189 days ago


Those texts are too literate to be Bieber.

189 days ago


I want to see JB peen
SAID NO ONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!

189 days ago


The only way the "person turned on him" would be that he told Justin the word "no".

189 days ago


LMAO ofcourse pics of his junk and texts to a actual girl are phony, jus like him saying that he's a straight male are phony,why is this shocking to anyone ,but lovesick 12yr old girls?

189 days ago


Selina must of had a magnifying glass to see his TIC-TAC pinga

189 days ago


an saboteur

189 days ago


We don't care if the texts or pics are allegedly "phony" -- we know the truth and have vast imaginations of WTF has been going on. Please pass the popcorn.

189 days ago


Justina now looking for the sympathy card? What, is he watching the Karstoogian Klan and following in their footsteps? I don't care about nude photos, I want to see some incriminating texts. I wonder how much Scooter paid TMZ to post this.

189 days ago


Yeah, right....

189 days ago


Obviously fake because he wouldn't be sending the pic to Selena, it'd be sent to Za, followed by a sex tape of the couple and a multitude of pictures of Biebs with Za's dick in his mouth.

189 days ago

Farrakhan Ashy Larry    

I might consider making Justin an honorary brotha.

189 days ago

Fred Thompson    

Of course Justin's people are going to deny it. It's a little odd that in one breath you say the texts are made up and in another say that someone in his camp has turned on him, as if all the stuff is legitimate and being leaked.

Which is it?

189 days ago
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