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Justin Bieber

Here's the Drug Evidence

1/20/2014 4:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An L.A. County Sheriff's spokesperson says their deputies saw no drugs when they raided Justin Bieber's house and there was no smoking room as we previously reported ... well then check this out.

First let's deal with the smoking room.  Here's a picture of that room.  Justin and his pals call it the Bob Marley Room.  There are lots of bongs, and they were in plain veiw when deputies descended on the property. (The photo above shows Lil Twist -- who's not connected to Lil Za's drug bust.)

As for other drugs ... as we said, Justin had 2 big cookie jars of weed displayed in the house.  And as we said there were 4 to 5 empty codeine bottles laying around ... as well as the styrofoam cups used for sizzurp (lean). 

It's unclear why the spokesperson is going on record when we know the stuff was inside the house (not to mention the smoking room pic).  But, as we said, deputies did nothing wrong.  The search warrant was for video equipment, and as one top law enforcement official told us ... they weren't looking for drugs. 




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he will get away will everything only because he is famous.
if he was normal like most of us he would have heavy fines, jail time & have to take certain classes.

253 days ago

Indy Jay    

Seems funny you continually run stories every day on Bieber and keep trying to make a story out of nothing. Then post a pic from 2013... Zero credibility and just kept putting stories together... Terrible look

253 days ago


Like i say he is goin in the wrong path is goin to end really bad.

253 days ago

Indy Jay    

Seems funny you continually run stories every day on Bieber and keep trying to make a story out of nothing. Then post a pic from 2013... Zero credibility and just kept putting stories together... Terrible look

253 days ago


Justin is in deep trouble. The drugs, hookers, lost pets, room mates arrested, vandalism, date rape drugs and reckless driving. Cops have his cell phone and are doing the slow drop of embarrassing info and pix. This will end in his arrest and charges, if not it at least it will be entertaining.

253 days ago


That could be any of my friends tables why should I believe that's JB's I do not like the kid but I'm unsure I believe this one

253 days ago

Soda pop    

Money can't pay off the illuminati

253 days ago


I call BS on the cops. If they had a warrant for video equipment but walked in and found a dead body they would leave it there because they weren't looking for that? Give me a break.

253 days ago


Last time I checked having hookah's and even bongs and or pipes isn't illegal. Now the weed yes but we don't even know if thats true. Maybe he had weed in a cookie jar at some point but maybe not when they searched it. In the photo from what I can see the only thing that's illegal for him is the alcohol. This photo was taken a long time ago. How do you know he didn't get rid of the room. People go through phases. I went through a smoking phase when I was his age. And its just weed chill out. You guys have minimal to no evidence that this is true. I am not backing Bieber but you are innocent until PROVEN guilty. And the whole lean thing...I mean maybe. If they didn't find anything they didn't find anything. They had 12 cop cars. Yes celebs do get special treatment but when they go to court or are convicted (sent to jail) but thats it. I believe the police would have said something. And if they are lying that is their fault not Biebers. Police men and women make decent salaries but still not well. That is the governments fault. So if they took money from him can you blame them. Or maybe they did find stuff and they don't want the public to know; maybe they want ton deal with it privately. Just saying.

253 days ago


Again where the hell are this kids parents?


253 days ago


TMZ must be crying right now,, paying all these "sources" for their BS stories, then finding out its all bull crap Its bad enough they would pay for a picture of Justin peeing in the snow! lol.. TMZ are not so reliable anymore, are they?

253 days ago


umm Tmz, Lil Twist threw that party, Justin wasn't even there, he was on tour!! nice try trying to cover your ass though!!

253 days ago

bring back recent posts    

TMZ.............done here..been a long time fan for fun...but it is like you have a bunch of interns on the job, and grade six at real celebs stuff....they run for the hills to avoid being on here...just the crap Kardarshian, latest reality group nonsense, milking Bieber stuff..that is sour btw, will oddly miss the regulars, cause they are entertaining..anyways..sayonara .

253 days ago


this is a witch hunt. Ole JB is just banging Ho's like a rock star should. People just hatin'

253 days ago


Keystone cops.

253 days ago
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