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Young Jeezy Arrest

Cops Treated Me Like Crap

1/22/2014 11:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Young Jeezy was hauled off to jail by cops who treated him like crap just because he's a rapper ... according to sources close to Jeezy.

We broke the story ... Jeezy was arrested when Alpharetta police responded to a panic alarm last night at his girlfriend's house. But our sources dispute the official police report -- that cops didn't know who he was because he refused to identify himself.

We're told ... Jeezy didn't NEED to show ID because the officers recognized HIM instantly, saying "Oh, you're Jeezy the rapper" ... then started "antagonizing" him as soon as they realized who he was.

According to our sources ... Jeezy thinks cops treated him like a criminal from the get-go ... refusing to let him make a phone call ... and forcing him to stand outside while cops searched the home as they went on the hunt for a reason to bust him. 

Police say he gave them a reason ... because he struggled with them when they tried to slap cuffs on him.


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236 days ago


That's what happens when you treat cops like crap or try to make them think you're something important.

236 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

shows how fing stupid this little punk azz btch is, hey stupid if you call people names they wont like you.duh some one send the racist back to school so he can be schooled

236 days ago


Why is it, that rappers get SO offended when they are treated like criminals - most rappers LOVE bragging about their crimes (guns, dealing, prostitutes, hustling). If I took on a paedophilic persona, how could I be offended being treated like a paedophile? Extreme comparison, but really, rappers love bragging about their criminal activities, and their disrespect for authority. Never mind that they dress like criminals. I dress like a punk queen - I know the result of my self-presentation - people often assume I am a druggie or criminal. I choose to dress this way, as do all these rappers that cry about profiling. To them, I say GROW SOME! "i am a tough gangster that slings drugs and carries guns, but also, I respect the police and am shocked that the police would think I am anything but an upstanding citizen". Include that in a song. Lol

236 days ago

Kelly Rollins    

If you cuss out a cop, what do you expect him to do? ask you out on a date? Duh!

Talk to that "Little Rapper" named Kanye and he'd be on the beat down of a race card rapper turd named Young Jeezy!

236 days ago

tonya morphis    

All the racist comments are expected from a bunch of uneducated viking decendants no wonder trailer parks are filled with meth smokin lcd users white people yall need to stop worrying about jeezy and wonder why are there so many poor white people in america

236 days ago


He wanted a special treatment. Really

236 days ago


When will a black man ever get arrested and say.. Hey those cops were pretty cool, I did deserve to be arrested.. Never, its always the race card

236 days ago

boo boo    

They treated you like crap because you acted like crap. Cooperate if you have nothing to hide, alleged parental bully!

236 days ago

Mike L    

I wouldn't know who he was if he had it written on his forehead. He's just another nobody to me.

236 days ago

tonya morphis    

No wonder white girls are leaving white men unless hes rich and dating black yall so hateful toward blacks and filled with lame remarks lol yall white guys gone be ****ing each other come 2020

236 days ago

your own luck    

When you dress like that, you look like crap. By the way, I think I would believe the cops over this tool any day.

236 days ago


tonya morphis must have over 20 race baiting responses on this thread.

me thinks she sits at home all day collected that free welfare money and trolls the internet all day looking for attention

236 days ago

Matt m    

They should have gave him some Rodney King justice

236 days ago


Most cops treat everyone like crap.Big deal.

236 days ago
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