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Justin Bieber

My Mom Gives

Me Drugs

1/23/2014 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber just ratted on one of his drug suppliers to police -- telling cops, HIS MOM is the one who gave him the prescription medication he took shortly before his DUI arrest.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, cops grilled Bieber on what substances he had ingested before his arrest ... and the singer admitted he was under the influence of Rx meds, alcohol, and weed.

When asked what kind of Rx meds, we're told Bieber said anti-anxiety (such as Xanax) but he wasn't sure exactly what kind ... because he just takes whatever his mom Pattie gives him.

It's unclear if he has his own prescriptions for the drugs -- and his mom just handles them -- or if he's using his mom's prescriptions ... which would be illegal. If Bieber does have a valid prescription , the presence of the substance in his system probably won't be held against him.

As we reported, when police raided Bieber's house following the infamous egg attack, they found Xanax pills in the home ... so it all syncs up.

As we reported, Bieber also allegedly had a blood alcohol level of .04 ... and that will definitely come back to bite him in the ass.

We've reached out to Bieber's mom ... so far, no comment.



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Oh ya ur rat... big feakin rat! #1 rule in the streets do not b a rat!

239 days ago


He probably stole it or tricked his mom into getting him the meds so he can share it with the house and his bf. Still No matter what happen you don't throw your mom under the bus period. She didn't abuse him, was obviously far too lenient, and gave him the best life possible. This is a slap to her face...which she kind of deserves but still not cool.

239 days ago


Deport Justin Bieber

239 days ago


They finally got him!

239 days ago


TMZ has beaten this story to death! Meanwhile, all the Kardashian drama goes UNREPORTED by TMZ.
What gives, with that??

239 days ago


To be fair, I have a script for anti-anxiety pills and sometimes when I run out, my mom will give me a few to hold me over until I can get to the doc. We take the same meds and I don't see anything wrong with that. But DAMN, can't believe he'd rat his own mom out.

239 days ago


Lindsay lohan blamed her dad for her being a POS..what weazels

239 days ago


How many of his rapper buddies are going to distance themselves from him now after throwing his own mother under the bus? I thought she was still living in Toronto, if so, how is she getting him Xanax over the border?

239 days ago


This whole family is screwed in the head!!!

239 days ago


He sure likes to talk to the cops, your lawyer can't do much for you when you do that...

239 days ago


So let's get this straight.

He vandalized someone's home, cops found drugs at his home. Now that he's been arrested and he has admitted to taking drugs - including what was found in his home - can that be used against him in the case in California? If so, can he be deported?

How can get a license in CA if he's not a US citizen? So is his license from CA or Canada? If his license is suspended in Florida will his license in CA (if it's from CA) be suspended?

239 days ago

boo boo    

Some parents prefer $$ rather than a sober child.

239 days ago


pathetic, when it get's rough, he's cying for mom and dad...and the next day he's back in a strip club letting it rain on hookers.

he and his family are trash

239 days ago


You don't rat out family. The ONLY exception is if they are abusive, rapists, terrorists, or just straight of homicidal maniacs out to kill you.

239 days ago


My *****

239 days ago
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