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Darren Sharper

My Rape Accuser Is Lying

I've Got Video Proof

1/24/2014 12:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Darren Sharper's camp has finally broken its silence on the sexual assault investigation in New Orleans ... telling TMZ Sports the former NFL star DID NOT rape anyone and there's video that backs him up. 

Sharper is being investigated in N.O. after a woman filed a police report back in September claiming Darren picked her up at a bar (after she consumed a "large amount" of alcohol) and had sex with her against her will.

Now, Sharper's legal team tells TMZ Sports ... "There were numerous witnesses who observed the [accuser] on her own and also observed her after encountering Sharper."

Team Sharper says ... the witnesses say the accuser was "following him willingly throughout the evening" and claims surveillance footage syncs up with the witness accounts.

Sharper's lawyers say the video has been turned over to investigators.

"No evidence suggests or implies that a sexual assault occurred," Sharper's lawyer says.

So far, New Orleans officials have not charged Sharper with a crime -- and his lawyers say it's because they've evaluated the evidence and have decided there's not a strong case against him.

Sharper is still facing charges in L.A. -- where 2 other women claim they were raped by Sharper in his hotel room on two different nights.

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No Avatar


Oh ok she is lying, let's set you free. How stupid do these players think people are? We are not as dumb as they think. I am sure if you investigate his past this is not the first time this has happened.

269 days ago


Sure they always lie, they always blame someone else when they get in trouble. Why do they put themselves in these situations do they think it's cool?

269 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

Legalize prostitution and this mess goes away. You meet a girl, think shes into you and anyone can accuse you of rape. Not making light of REAL CASES OF RAPE but, theres no reason Sharper has to rape anyone. You either have to get married if rich/famous or have videotaped evidence the woman said yes! Its going to cost him a grip just to have lawyers to defend him, another way rich people go broke! LAWSUITS! LGNM

269 days ago


Men: its not ok to take advantage of a woman who is drunk... It may be legal but its desperate. And women: its not ok to cry rape bc u drank too much and were hoping he would be more of a gentleman. You feel bad bc u were used, not bc u were sexually assaulted.

269 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

For any woman/man who has really been raped, I meant no offense and apologize if anyone felt offended, rape is serious and should NEVER be taken lately . JUst know of men accused he were innocent and spoke out because of that alone. Again, sorry if you or anyone you know was raped I take this offense seriously and know it hurts victims tremendously. LGNM

269 days ago


To me that's not proof that a rape did or didn't happen. If she is lying I hope she gets caught in her own trap. He seems to have several accusors though.

269 days ago


Okay...so she was alone at one point and she also followed him around. This still doesn't suggest that nothing happened to her at his place.

I already know how this is going to play out.

269 days ago

Just Saying    

There was a time I had a little sympathy for celebrities, sport figures, etc. not any more. They need to stop f@@king every women they lust. They know there are groupies everywhere they go. Let me say, if he or any other person rape someone they need to rot in jail.

269 days ago


Woman: don't go out to a bar and just trust anyone you meet there. Bring some girlfriends to watch your back!! Other wise you'll be in situation s like this.

269 days ago


*itches b lying. .greedy !!

269 days ago


Boy it's so easy to scream rape and ruin a man's life. Women are not innocent. They lie, curse, murder and steal like everyone else

268 days ago


women should be charged criminally!!

268 days ago


So her following him around in the club is proof she wasn't raped? Wtf? The fact that there were 3 accusers before this became public is very telling. Sorry folks but there's a very good chance he's just a serial rapist.

268 days ago


These groupie women or some of them looking for a free paycheck trying to get pregnant. I am a woman and I've seen them chasing these guys,analyst, football players, agents. The men aren't always responsible for what goes down.

268 days ago


She's probably pissed and cried rape cuz he didn't call her the next day

268 days ago
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