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Kendra Wilkinson

U.S. Should LEGALIZE Prostitution

1/31/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's NOTHING wrong with whores ... so says Kendra Wilkinson -- who claims the United States should STOP arresting people for prostitution when it involves two consenting adults.

The former Playboy model was wading her way through LAX with hubby Hank Baskett Thursday evening ... when she explained why the laws against hooking are just plain stupid.

For the record, there are parts of the U.S. where one could legally purchase sex ... but it's clear, Kendra believes ALL AMERICANS (of age) should be able to pay for ass.

God, she's patriotic.


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Mr Barcliff    

Without question prostitution should be legal. You could knock out some of the crowding of jails and senseless arrest. Is there really a difference between meeting a woman or man, datig then having sex but, leading up to it a man or in some cases woman pays for diner and more. If waiting longer you by more gifts to impress and then have sex. Now im not saying a woman nor a man is a prostitute if they go thru these motions, Im saying some men and woman just want sex, not a relationship and what happens is the woman or man ends up hurt and thats unfair. If as a man, I had legal woman I could pay, Id prefer that. I wouldnt be in a relationship EVER because I dont trust woman PERIOD. Being able to pay just clears up my intentions and Id just go to prostitutes! Im sure there are very few woman out there who are "good woman" but my experiences have been, fall in love, the cheat, show little interest, they chase you and I dont want to treat anyone wrong to keep them in line, so, give me a $50 prostitute any day, Id spend alot but, save alot of peace of mind and can save money and time. If they legalize it, less men/woman would be stressed who cant talk to the opposite sex, some dont have confidence to meet woman and men and maybe prostitution can help ease tensions so there able to approach people after. LGNM

272 days ago


When I saw her on the Girls Next Door Show, she was one of the most ignorant, dumb and uneducated people I'd ever seen....but her mommy is so proud of her, even though she apparently never taught her anything but how to sell her body.

272 days ago


Unattractive, cheap, ignorant, woman.

272 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Who cares what this bimbo thinks? Doubt she ever had an original thought in that head space.

272 days ago


Look who she slept with for free !!! Hugh Hefer???

272 days ago


es kendra!!!

272 days ago


Is she trying to be a mademme? She was hugh hefners **** toy and got to old and he needed more silicone, thin as a stick and the way past blonde white hair he prefers. Kendra has commented mnay times hefner is her hero. Reach for the stars girls. Your kids will be proud :)

272 days ago

zisska a Jewess    

Legalize it so Kendra can get back to work!

272 days ago


This would only benefit the medical industry after a while. Can you imagine the STD ridden humans ? Yuck. And, what the hell has become of society when we people actually think legalizing prostitution is a good thing? I'd rather legalize weed. At least the u.s. could boost it's economy.

272 days ago


Yeah and everyone should listen to someone like Kendra who can't even string together proper sentences. Give me a break.

272 days ago

Eric Cartman    

TMZ needs to proof-read their articles before publishing because the last sentence is supposed to read:

"God, she's pathetic."

272 days ago


Dudes with game don't pay. All those hookers have crotch rot have fun with that.

272 days ago


They need to legalize Weed wayyy before this even becomes a discussion.

272 days ago

Tammy LM    

Touchy subject. Hmmmm. First off I don't like whores. Trashy slutty women make me sick. But simple as that, I can just choose not to associate with women like that in life. Look the other way and just harbor the negative feelings i have. So what. But when you think about it, a grown person aka an adult can have sex for free, they just can't take money for it. The idea of that just sounds RIDICULOUS! It's a perfectly legal act. You would think if sex were illegal that's one thing. but it's a prefectly legal act and anyone can do it. Human right to do it. But you can't accept payment for it. Yet porn stars have sex on camera and get paid for it. So it's the same exact thing. These people wouldn't be having sex with each other it it weren't for the money, so to say that it's the video that they are allowing to be filmed of them being what's actually sold is totally incorrect. They aren't people just allowing a camera into their homes to film them having sex legally then sell that? It's NOT the same thing. If porn is legal so should prostitution. I mean, the whole concept sounds crazy.
You can have sex.... just can't take money for it. lol It's actually laughable. And you know what's at the root of it? Religion. Laws against prostitution were formed by the church. It's technically illegal because it's a religious offense. Yet not everyone in thie world is religious. And last I checked we have religious freedoms. We didn't have the kind of religious freedoms when prostitution was deemed illegal back then as we do now. So I say, if a woman wants to be a whore, that's her right. Men can be a$$holes for free all the time. Why can't women be whores? It's her character that's suffering. It's her choice to be viewed as a whore by prostituting. That's her choice. If she gets no respect for those choices, it's no different than women choosing porn for a career today. There are consequences to all choices.
Next, and this is the only thing I would be concerned about. If you make it legal to buy something, you have more people apt to purchase it. Hensefourth you have more people unable to buy this desired product. So when you have people that want to buy something and the only reason they don't is because they can't afford it, you have more people willing to steal what they want. Which would mean that an increase in rape would skyrocket if prostitution were legal. See, when something is known to be illegal, a lot more people wont attempt to take it because they just know they shouldn't have it, so psychologically they don't want it. But make it legal and it's something to consider wanting. Sick headed people may think rape is illegal but if sex is for sale rape looks more like shoplifting.

But the true bottom line I firmly believe is the true reason why prostitution is not and will not be because the government can't tax p)ssy. And if they can't get a piece YOU don't get a piece.

272 days ago


It should be legalized

272 days ago
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