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Jaden Smith

15-Year-Old Jumps Out of Airplane

... And His Mom Loves It

2/3/2014 12:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about hands-off parenting -- Jada Pinkett Smith didn't just let her 15-year-old son Jaden go skydiving Sunday ... she celebrated it.

Jada tweeted the photo today, showing Jaden leaping out of a plane while strapped to someone's chest ... along with the caption, "Jaden jumping from a plane. Life. Happy Super Bowl Sunday."

FYI, there's no minimum legal age for skydiving, but most parachute centers require jumpers be 18.  You can jump at 16 with parental consent, but Jaden's just 15.

So we gotta ask ...


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All I'm thinking about is, what type of camera does she own? That's a great shot for being zoomed in lol && who cares, the Smith's are living life to the fullest!

198 days ago


Is that instructor Woody Allen ?

198 days ago

Samuel Crowe    

All those speaking on this child , and talking about he should have died i hope your daughters or sons get raped ,molested, beaten, then thrown out of a plane while burning.

198 days ago


Are y'all really talking like this about kids? Just because your mad at someone does not mean u should jump in and act like them! Your all disgusting. Him jumping is fine, everything is a risk. He could have easily died in a car wreck or gotten sick. Shut up and go parent your own damn kids.

198 days ago


Although the smiths are weird their kids don't seem spoiled so I ddon't get why are people calling him spoiled doesn't he work? A spoiled person would have lived off of their parents until they die he is a child still so he can live off of his parents yet chooses to work I've never seen him do anything that would ever make me think he is spoiled he is laid back never seen him demanding his parent buy him some ultra expensive inanimate object or him walking around being flashy so how's he spoiled?

198 days ago


I wish the whole family would jump & forget the parachutes!

198 days ago


Wished his parachute wouldn't have deployed.

198 days ago

Black Adam    

Will is Gay. Jada is a lesbian.Willow is also a lesbian. Jaden is officially gay by having another dudes junk jostle in between his butt cheeks.

198 days ago

Just Steve    

Hopefully they gave him some acting lessons while they were falling

198 days ago


ok tasteless joke of the night :

With the giant ears Will gave his kids, who needs a parachute ??

198 days ago


I think it's good that she lets her kids enough life at least she is showing them the good side off life

198 days ago

stfu please     

Fukk him. Rich ass

198 days ago


Why the eff is everyone but jaden wearing a helmet?

198 days ago


It's really up to the DZO (Drop Zone Owner/Operator) to make the decision to allow or not allow someone who's 15 do a tandem jump. There's more of a chance of something happening on the way to the DZ than there is during the skydive. Per capita driving is more dangerous than skydiving!

198 days ago


Currently in the news down here in Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area), there is a story about a 16 year old girl whose parents took her up to Oklahoma to go sky diving on her 16th Birthday. They made the trip to OK, because even here in Texas, you have to an adult of 18 years old to sky dive. The 16 year old was one of the unlucky few who jumped from the plane, only to have her parachute fail to open. Her father watched from the air as she plummeted to the ground. It's a miracle she is alive, and will not have any lasting injuries. Those parents made a terrible decision in authorizing their daughter to jump out of a plane, even leaving their home state so that she could do so. Of course, now they are asking for donations to pay for her recovery. If only they were smarter parents.

198 days ago
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