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Producer Dr. Luke Target

Of Twitter Death Threats

2/4/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Ke$ha's music producer Dr. Luke is in serious danger, according to the LAPD, after some of the singer's fans went nuclear -- blaming Luke for her eating disorder.

LAPD's Threat Management Unit filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- asking for a search warrant to hunt down the identity of people who are threatening Luke's life on Twitter.

The vengeful tweets started after TMZ ran a story that Ke$ha entered rehab for an eating disorder because Luke taunted her about her weight.  Ke$ha's friend told us ... Luke told her she "looks like a f**king refrigerator."


In the search warrant docs, cops point out some of the tweets, including:

-- "You need to be worried because IMA slit your throat before January is over."
-- "You ugly fat ass bum bitch.  Im gonna carve u like a pumpkin with a long sharp knife."
-- "Im gonna gut you like a fish then skin you and glue ur wrinkly raisin skin to a fridge!"
-- "I'm gonna slit your F**KIN throat open then gouge your eyeballs out."

Cops are taking the threats seriously, particularly because one tweet gave the home address and phone number of Luke and then invited followers to kill him.


No Avatar


He's an *******, but fans tend to take thing too far.

264 days ago

People Annoy Me    

So he invited them over. Not anyone's fault if something *does* happen, but seriously, this is typical angry fangirl behavior.

264 days ago

News Flash     

Call a women FAT and she and all her fat friends will kill ya.

264 days ago

News Flash     

Never call a women fat, always "big boned."

264 days ago

News Flash     

LMAO, people be scared to comment on this one.

264 days ago


No one would take action on this...
Ke$ha is just trying to garner PR any way she can..
Those nose rings can get expensive...

264 days ago


Breaking News: Louie Anderson just farted and some corn pooped out. Harvey will have some pics of the poop tomorrow (which he will keep up on his site for at least 7 days) and then be discussing with his "viewers" and a depressed looking Charles on tomorrow's TMZ Live. what will Louie's next step be now that he has been thoroughly humiliated by Harvey and his other low-life staff at this website. Fat Mike will be wearing a black t-shirt for a record setting 3,089th day in the staffroom and be eating a large box of doughnuts while one of his "runners" strolls out onto Sunset Boulevard and ask some tourists if they have heard any news on lindsay lohan. Vistors of this website will continue to ponder why a middle aged man continues to be obsessed with lindsay lohan and kim kardashian, and conclude that Harvey has been going through a 10 year mid-life crisis.

264 days ago


just some stupid over obsessed fan. Prob a lonely little girl. These twitter death threats are the most overhyped nonsense of recent times. Its just sck anonymous trolling with no real intent.

264 days ago

some guy    

I wouldn't be surprised if Luke calling Ke$ha fat was the reason she went to rehab. Becoming successful doesn't make anyone any less human. Ke$ha is a person with feelings that can be hurt just like anyone else.
I doubt Luke's comments about Ke$ha would be acceptable in a conventional office, but most offices do not work in the music industry, where looks are a very important part of the job. It's never an easy thing to do to try and get someone to lose weight, but maybe Luke should know his talent better before he says something so callous as to call someone "fat as a refrigerator."

264 days ago


I love how one tweet says I'm going to kill you before the end of January, and TMZ posted this on Feb 4th....good grief.

264 days ago


I dont feel sorry for him, he seems to be a horrible person, but death threat is wrong, what really bother me is WHY the industri of music doesnt ask the men took like as skinny or thin as they demand to female?, i see all those rapper very fat, or rack or even popo one they dont have issues with those thing, their producer doesnt call them FAT refrigerator , for MALE is okay to have a regular body but FEMALE NOT

264 days ago


Because you posted a story on assumption you have now risked someone's life! Not something to be proud of "after a story we posted someone could die" Way to go tmz you should face criminal charges and if I was him I would make absolute certain you did!

264 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Just another example of how bad twitter and all this instant media is going to be the death Nell of our civilization.

264 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Maybe he'll retire from the biz....his production skills are subpar to say the least. And Max Martin...forget it, too long a list!

263 days ago

the truth    

I hope they catch these little a holes and make them an example put them under the prison

263 days ago
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