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Philip Seymour Hoffman

2 Alleged Drug Dealers Targeted in Police Raid

2/5/2014 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New York cops have just made 4 ARRESTS in connection with Philip Seymour Hoffman's death … Law enforcement sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Our sources tell us … police have obtained a search warrant and are currently on scene at a NY apt. We're told police are targeting two individuals who they believe sold PSH heroin.  Sources say cops raided 3 units in the same building.

Sources also tell us … someone involved in the heroin market in NYC contacted police and gave them the names and addresses of two alleged drug dealers who pushed the drug.

We're told the heroin user told cops he buys from the same dealer Hoffman frequented and sometimes saw Hoffman in the dealer's apartment.  The informant says Hoffman would buy "bundles" of heroin at a time ... twice a week.

Sources say the informant told cops ... the alleged dealer -- a musician for a famous rapper -- would sometimes run out of his supply and use a secondary dealer, who sold "cheap s**t heroin" that was dangerous.  And the informant says ... Hoffman would get the secondary supply.

Four suspects are now in custody.  Law enforcement tells us all 4 were arrested for drugs found in the apartment units.

10:15 PM PT -- Sources tell us 3 of the suspects are men ... 1 woman -- and officers found nearly 350 glassine baggies filled with heroin.  We're told one of the men -- Robert Vineberg has played sax for Mick Jagger, Amy Winehouse, Wyclef, Tom Jones and David Bowie. He's been charged with felony drug possession.

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No Avatar

My 2 Cents    

I enjoyed PSH as an actor just as much as anyone else and I am sad to see that he died BUT you mean to tell me "they" have tracked down his dealers?! Why all because he was a movie star? This world is messed up. What about all the others that are hooked they do not get his type of "service"

260 days ago


Another case of a "Have" being treated differently than a 'Have Not'. You wanna talk about Income Inequality? Do the police work this hard and fast to find the drug dealer for every homeless crackhead found dead in an alley? This is Liberal Income Inequality, and no one will point it out except me. You only use that label to attack wealthy Conservatives.

260 days ago


FYI - It's illegal to sell heroin.

260 days ago


Great that police are investigating & arresting those involved.
Do police respond this quickly for other heroin overdoses?..... or respond at all?

260 days ago


Well it's obvious from the response and effort put into this by New York's boys in blue that they place a far greater value on the life of an addicted actor than they do the average working Joe. Down here in Texas we have a name for cops like that: Dickless Tracy.

260 days ago

Crimson Tide Fan    

Blame The Dope Dealers He was the one Shooting The Doope, Do We Arrest People or Stores and Bar that Sell Us Alcohol when We Drink and Kill people or Kill Oueself wheile Driving, No as long paxes are Payed it is OK

260 days ago


One of my favorite actors is gone. When I saw he was in the cadt I would waattch the movie. New thoughts are to make drugs legal. Would this help? My oly thoughts are so far is to stop putting people in jail for pit and small amounts of other drugs. Your a dealer....go away. Just sad though. Please don;t judge someone who was struggling. Look in the mirror before you judge anyone, RIP I will miss you PSH...

260 days ago


Another addict being immortalized. Sinful. This man, just like Corey Monteith, chose to do this. No one made them do it. They played Russian roulette with Heroin and lost. Maybe a good actor, but a man that chose Heroin over anything else.

260 days ago


I agree they should be hunting down heroine dealers no matter who it is that has been dealt this nasty stuff... But they now have a platform and you aren't commenting on the guy they found in a abandoned house or ally.. Platforms are educational and if it gets 4 dealers off the street, I am all for it!

260 days ago


Rich .. Famous ... all that work down the drain ... Why do they always turn to drug .?

260 days ago


These guys have probably been killing people for years.
Where have the cops been all this time?

260 days ago

tom slick    

TO BAD these STUPID CS's dont GO AFTER EVERYONE like this-does this TELL you ANYTHING...? If it were YOU do YOU believe they would move THID SWIFT..?Hell no..PRIORITY....BIG NAME ad in REALITY= a LOOSER--he got what he deserved..YOU play YOU thinks it's BS to give a investigation like this to a LOOSER like him- he HURT his FRIENDS and FAMILY badly but...the COWARD is GONE- THEY must STAY and FOREVER ask the QUESTION of WHY- he deserved it and let's MOVE on- ...

260 days ago


What's that? 13 and 17 year old kids OD'ing in the streets? Silents! But God forbid a Rich Fat Ass Actor OD's Now we must act and bust dealers! UFB

260 days ago

Damian from the Bronx    

Dear NYPD, i know your listening becuase you think you the friggin FBI and they are listening....
Do you investigate how pure heroin is getting in the country or do you just bust the low level dealers and call it a day. Because they aint the ones making this ****. How coincidental that since the war on afghanistan , opium production has increased more than ever, to the point where 100% pure dope is cheaper and more available than ever before. Rookie dealers competing w each other putting out pure uncut **** not knowing or caring about the consequences because its sooo available. Just last week $8 million worth found in Bronx apt? Not to mention you (fda) release heroin in pill form (coton/codone) like candy then tighten restrictions on it? What you thought was gonna happen. Today its seymour tomorrow its one of your kids white elite America. Unfortunately youll just pat your tears when its your turn to mourn with all the millions youve made. Sad sad story.

260 days ago


Lets arrest the bartenders, pharamacists, cigarette sellers too ..pill popping, drinking, smoking etc is no different than needles its just accepted as OK..

260 days ago
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