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Kylie Jenner

Mackin' On Lil Za

In Bieber's Weed Kitchen

2/6/2014 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner won't be happy about this -- her youngest daughter's been hanging out inside Justin Bieber's famously drugged-out house ... and if that wasn't bad enough, she's even getting cozy with his bad news BFF Lil Za ... who was just charged with 3 FELONIES.

The photo was taken Sunday inside Bieber's kitchen -- where the singer's always kept a giant weed stash -- and it's clear ... Kylie is getting comfy with Za.

The other pics were taken earlier this week -- Za posted them on his Instagram ... referring to himself and Kylie as "best friends."

0206-jenner-instagramProbably a bad idea -- Za is 20 and Kylie's only 16 ... not to mention the fact that just last Friday, Za was charged with 3 felonies in connection with the police raid on Bieber's house a couple weeks ago.

As we reported, Za was arrested after the raid when police claim they found MDMA (ecstasy) and Oxycodone near him in the house. He's been charged with felony possession of controlled substances and another felony for breaking a jail phone.



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Unbelievable! She is with that dirtbag thug! Maybe Kris will be happy afterall......her daughter is in the news. And.headlines is all they seem interested in. So, is this 16 year old kid on the road to being a crack whore? It looks that way. I am mom to two girls, 9 and 11, and I would want them nowhere near Za.

256 days ago

Traci Meadows    

I believe everyone should leave Kylie and Kendall alone it's not their fault that they were brought up that way and they are not bad girls anyway they are just experimenting just like everyone else does at that age and the same goes for Justin Bieber people are hypocrites! Leave them girls alone!

256 days ago


Kylie is baked in the first picture....Kris, time to stop whoring out your eldest girls and nip this **** in the bud or you will have your very own Lamar Odom in the mother ****in house...

256 days ago


Doesnt anyone associated with the Kartrashians ever envision college and a respectable career ? Or being a public servant? Not one of them has any worth.

256 days ago


Wake up white people.......

256 days ago


he is so ugly and such a loser. She is a good looking girl but I guess the Kardashian part of her going for trashy black guys is coming out

256 days ago


Those idiots keep posting stuff like this and there will be another raid again. Won't Kris like that one.

256 days ago


Kylie looks so high in this pic 8) lol

256 days ago


Hmm...never seen this kind of hate towards Selena Gomez considering she's dating an (even bigger) douche and character equally-involved in "thug" activities.

256 days ago


Speaking of losers, it's only a matter of time before Miss Jenner O.D.'s or gets knocked up by a black guy. All the money these losers have and they still act like sh*t-heads! Some top of the line parenting was done there!

256 days ago


Please her parents don't give sh*t aout this little stuck up uneducated little troll. She is the most unfortunate one of the bunch. Nothing about her matters.. Let her waste her life if she wants to..

256 days ago


Ok, this may be an odd question, but how is it that almost all of the girls are attracted to the same race of men? I'm of south Asian descent, and mayeb one person would date a white guy, or a black guy, or an Asian guy.... But not all 4 of us would date or are attracted to the same race.... I tried to word that as non-offensively as possible, because I'm genuinely interested.

256 days ago


Yo, he be penetratin' and postulatin' yo. Yo, yo. Bitch be wantin' that all's don know what I sane, you know what eyes sane, yo? Dah Beebs be all don wit dat sheet yo. Yo, yo, yo. Yo know waht eyes sane.

256 days ago


Are you kidding? They are tailor made for each other. You guys are so full of ****. You're the reason we all know the kind of men that family is attracted to. Then you act like she won't be into ALL the same **** her sisters are into. Quit with the innocent act, you guys are filthy

256 days ago


Y'all need a new hobby, leave me alone. We know why white girls want us . We are a snug fit and we run deep so things are pretty memorable for weeks and sometimes for life so if you can't beat em , join em and find out what you are missing!

256 days ago
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