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Horrified Hotel Apologizes

For Calling Him Cheapskate

2/7/2014 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Dream NY knows where its bread is buttered ... it's now groveling -- BEGGING for forgiveness after its own bar slammed Diddy for stiffing its waitress on Super Bowl Sunday.

Honchos at Dream say they are "embarrassed and offended" by the Facebook post of an employee who works at The Bar inside the hotel.  The employee tore the rap mogul a new one, saying, "Thanks Sean Combs aka P. Diddy for leaving no tip on Super Bowl Sunday."

We just found out ... the employee responsible for the post -- like the Broncos -- got sacked.

This is disastrous for the hotel, because Dream is a mecca for rappers, and Diddy is one of their Gods.

The Hotel execs say, 'We look forward to welcoming you back soon."

We called Diddy.  No word if he's accepting the mea culpa.


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Cool Papa    

Nobody should suck up to this has-been punch line.

258 days ago


Well maybe she didn't give good enough service for a tip. Just saying.

258 days ago


Well, I guess it's true what they say...

258 days ago


Maybe she wasn't worth tipping?

258 days ago


What a douche! If the service was bad then tell someone and get another server. Don't sit in someone's section for 4 hours and not tip. Talk about feeding stereotypes....yet another black man that doesn't tip. That's not news !

258 days ago


*******The Curtain Comes Down On The Tonite Show***

In a somewhat bizarre spectacle Jay Leno's run as the Tonite Show host came to an end. It was a strange site to see the parade of "stars" say goodbye in an ill-conceived spoof of The Sound of Music's "Goodbye, Farewell...." song. We got to see the pathetic fame-whore kim kardashian try to sing in his nasal voice in what had to be called nothing less than a horrifying display of what passes as talent these days. We got to see Billy Crystal subject the audience to waht could best be called a monolgue about leno before finally sitting down. We saw Martha Stewart say to Jay "You never cheated on your wife"-a completely classless swipe at Jay's foe David Letterman. And finally we saw Jay almost reduced to a puddle of tears as he said goodbye to a show that created many enemies : Letterman, Kimmel, Obrien, Stern. Sorry Jay, this was a "who cares" moment. The public never forgave you for not giving Conan O'brien a level playing field and putting on a show of yours at 10:30-taking away a lot of O'briens potential viewers. And no, I don't think Jimmy Fallon will succeed as teh new host of the tonite show-but when he does fail, he will know-unlike Leno-when its time for you to step stay away. Good riddance to bad rubbish-between all the bad feelings toward leno and an unqualified fallon taking over-I'll be watching Kimmel now. Carson was very good at monologue and interviews, Letrrman good at both, and Leno, although an appalingly bad interviewer was good at the monologue. Fallon is good at neither and will bomb badly. But I will be curious to see just how long he can last.

258 days ago


So, he's a cheap MFer who stiffs his waitress, and they grovel to HIM? Wow. Way to stick up for your own employee who posted something on her personal FB page.

258 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

The hotel got their money. it's the waitress that got screwed.

258 days ago


If it's true, then how is that embarrassing for the hotel?
Other than the fact tips should not be expected, but earned.

258 days ago

juggalo 6    

All that money and can't tip? Someone should relieve him of the money and put him back in the street where Biggie found him.

258 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

Why are the apologizing for him being cheap. The staff makes almost all their money from tips. Maybe he is not doing as well as says he is. Broke

258 days ago


He`'s gonna buying the f* hotel and turnes it in a parking lot out

258 days ago


He's known to be a control-freak douche. But probably he wasn't the one who closed out the bill.
Only the waitress knows for sure.....

258 days ago


So the hotel is saying it's OK to stiff the hostess just so long as they get theirs? Not a place I'd patronize. So much for looking out for the little guys, your employees.

258 days ago


a typical example of a capitalist throwing under the bus its employee and groveling before a cheapskate

258 days ago
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