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'Pretty Little Liars' Star

Heroin OD

After Hoffman's Death

2/9/2014 9:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0209-ashley-benson-heroin-splashAshley Benson may THINK she's heroin chic ... but we're guessing the prevailing view is that she's heroin creep ... wearing this the day after Phillip Seymour Hoffman was buried.

The "Spring Breakers" star roamed around West Hollywood Saturday in a black T with the words "DJ Heroin" emblazoned on it.

It's especially startling ... because just a few days before she tweeted a pic of Hoffman with the warning, "Don't do drugs."

So, in the name of fashion, we gotta ask ...


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Who cares I don't know him personallyn... Thus I'll wear whatever the **** I want and he should've known better people OD and die all the time... Why is his death different? Ohh bcuz he was a celebirty lmfao

222 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Pathetic attention grab, whoever she Is.

222 days ago


She's not wearing a drug shirt... so the DJ's name is Heroin... now the shirt is off limits because an actor thew his life away by doing tons of drugs an OD? Boo hoo... she's not advertising that drugs are ok.. it's T-shirt.. jesus stop looking for something to be outraged about.. there is plenty going on in this world, in this country worth getting upset over. This girl's T-shirt is not one of them. Where was the outrage that Hoffman chose drugs over his children?? Sympathy for him but let's string some YA drama actress up because you don't think she should wear a shirt with the word of the drug that some other 'knew better' actor overdosed on.... Please.

222 days ago


Why would you write the headline like that- what if her family clicked on here? Shes insensitive and inappropriate but wtf?

222 days ago


who cares? It's a tshirt with a DJ on it that she probably threw on to do errands or work different than when you throw on any other tee - I'm sure it didn't even cross her mind she might "offend" someone. She didn't even know the guy; just because she's am actress & so was he doesn't really mean ****. Must be a slow news day at TMZ because this is the definition of making a mountain out of a molehill.

222 days ago


I think you're assuming she knows who Hoffman is. My guess is she doesn't, and most likely she doesn't follow the news.

222 days ago


Its not a question of too soon its the glamorization of drugs period from the Hollywood community.

221 days ago


She's thinking how cool she is, but let one of her close friends od and watch how quick she burns that shirt.

221 days ago


You are really scraping today. She's young and wants to dress to seem cool. I'm sure she didn't run out and buy that shirt because PSH OD'd. I certainly wouldn't wear anything like that under any cir***stance but PSH is still dead from an OD so why should people get rid of their clothes? He's dead; she's not.

221 days ago


If u need told not to shoot Heroin, then you are a fuc-king moron.

221 days ago


Who cares? He was an addict, he chose to shoot up. Why on earth should everyone all of a sudden not wear or say something that they normally would? Get over it.

221 days ago


What a fking cheek she has fame whoring over a death

221 days ago


Who cares

221 days ago


that's probably a jab at the DJ (Max Rosenblum) who got arrested and allegedly sold it to Hoffman (perhaps his nickname on 'the streets' was DJ Heroin?)

221 days ago


Is there really a person nicknamed "DJ Heroin" ? If so, he's the idiot. Heroin is a dangerous thing to mess with.. You think you can 'dabble', do it here and there. Then next thing you know, your a full blown addict feeding an addiction just to feel normal... You think you can control it...but you can't, and you never will. Boycott DJ Heroin !!

221 days ago
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