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Magic Johnson

Calls BS on HIV Myths

I Don't Have a Magic Cure

2/11/2014 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Magic Johnson is FINALLY setting the record straight about his battle with HIV -- revealing he is NOT cured, he's NOT taking special medication ... and he's definitely not seeing any Kenyan witch doctors.

The Lakers legend went on HipHopNation on Sirius XM radio today, and talked about the myths surrounding his treatment, telling Renada Romain ... "I do have it and have had it for 22 years, it's just laying asleep in my body."

Magic also says he's not winning his battle because of his enormous wealth ... saying he only has access to the same 30 something drugs everyone else does, and explained he's taking a cocktail of 3 of them. 

MJ was recognizing National Black HIV/AIDS awareness, and the Hall of Famer made sure to clear up the biggest myth -- that just because he's survived this long, everyone can.

"The virus acts different in everybody ... so just because I'm doing well, you might NOT do well."

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Just Steve    

Ya..hes lying. Its the money

257 days ago


He's right you don't up to the guy who doesn't get the flu and accuse him of using money to not get sick

257 days ago


It's not the money per say and is in fact the drugs - my husband owns a pharmacy - the truth is if you are diagnosed with HIV and take the meds needed to treat it you will live only 6 months less than the average person (and the 6 months difference is for the time you didn't know you had it before you were diagnosed) however, the drugs needed to treat it are a ****tail of 3-4 different drugs which are dependent on one another to work effectively. This ****tail is very expensive and the average person cannot afford the entire ****tail, so buying just one or two is rendered ineffective and people die a lot earlier than they would have otherwise... It's a sad truth but many people do not know this.

257 days ago


Money gets you top quality treatment stop with lies.

257 days ago


People in America do not have health care. Those who did are getting dumped from their insurance because of stupid Obama, and nobody wants his fake health plan. Great for you Magic Johnson, your one of the lucky ones. Thats not sarcasm.

257 days ago

Deer diary    

My pops lives and works in Kenya as a medical missionary....migori, south of Nairobi. City is 55% positive. I wonder why none of them live 22 years....or how about even 5? They do, however, live off a couple US$ dollars a day...so as far as the meds, you can imagine. Our (migori) death rate, due to hiv-aides, is so high, we opened an orphanage to combat and supplement the hospital. If any of you guys want a life changing experience helping people in deep, deep need.... Regardless of your training/expertise.... Let me know. My aunt doesn't make $86 a day from home but I have, and you can also, make some major differences in real peoples lives. It's actually fairly cheap to go also....sorry to get on the soapbox. Back to the point, I'm glad magic is doing well...as frustrated as it makes me, it helps show what we can do and what we can be...if we can provide these types of services to each and every person suffering from HIV/ aides. Ugh I hate sounding preachy about this stuff but should you wanna check it out...it's kenyarelief dot org. Idk guys, it's weird because unusually am on here for celebrity gossip and yet this post hit close to home. Best of luck magic Johnson I hope you live until you're 100!

256 days ago

I am me    

The Southpark episode!!!!

256 days ago


There are a few people who have HIV and will never fall sick, even without ever taking any medication, but can pass it on to others. HIV is a virus that can stay dormant in the system but when it becomes AIDS thats when you are doomed. Natural money does help, whether it is simply affording to eat healthy or afford the expensive medication.

256 days ago

Gale Wright    

I'm surprised Magic Johnson hasn't participated in clinical trials that have suppressed or cured HIV permanently, like others less wealthy have. After having HIV for 22 years, starting out on the AZT, the affects of HIV (from my understanding) should show signs especially on the face 'cheeks.' Magic Johnson doesn't appear to have any facial fat-tissue suppression. I could only wonder if hes telling us the whole truth, since he is in fact making himself the face of HIV.

256 days ago

Apostle Shada Mishe    


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256 days ago


Q. How did Dat Magic Johnson B getten his HIV?

A. He went to Detroit & blew some pistons.

256 days ago


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216 days ago


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