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NFL Star Raheem Brock

Players Won't Shower

If a Gay Guy's In Locker Room

2/12/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021114_raheem_brock_launchThe battle lines in the NFL gay rights struggle will be drawn in the showers ... according to one former NFL star.

Super Bowl champion Raheem Brock -- who spent 10 years in the league -- tells TMZ Sports ... there will be a massive coverup when openly gay players like Michael Sam enter the locker room.

Brock says, "Guys won't go in the shower if they know a guy's gay in there. They gonna feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't [go in the shower]."

He continues, "I mean I would stay at my locker and chill until he's done getting out of the shower."

Brock says his feelings mirror those of a number of active NFL players -- regardless of whether it's politically correct.

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Most gay guys just want acceptance and friendship from those that they are around. They don't want special treatment they just want to feel like they are one of the guys. Especially gay men that are masculine and enjoy being around masculine guys. They may want to be with another gay man but they enjoy being around guys in general that have common interests whether it's sports, politics, etc. I don't think Michael Sam is going to be in the shower lusting after his teammates, rather probably just as nervous as his teammates. Gay guys want friendships and to feel like they belong more than they want sex.

256 days ago


This is where the fine line is drawn... This gay athlete is allowed to say whatever he wants... But Raheem is not allowed to comment... This just doesn't work for the gay community... Everyone should be allowed to speak up.. And if he's uncomfortable, that's his opinion 😁

256 days ago


He is ignorant. How are you gonna laugh about this subject. He has no class at all

256 days ago


Go back 50+ years, hell even in some states now, and some guys will say they won't shower with a black man using the same showers.

256 days ago


Gay is about as disgusting as it gets. Who wants poo on their dipstick?

256 days ago


And news flash, there are already gay players showering with you. You just don't know they're gay. And they have commented on your penis to their friends. They were unimpressed.

256 days ago


This guy is just ignorant, cause he is gay doesnt mean he want guys in the locker room.he has his partner.as long ashe is not bothering you in that shower it shouldnt be a problem, you have to treat him like you treat the other males, had he not come out and told you would not know, there is men ttheyve already showered with and haven't told you they were gay, no harm , no foul as long as he is not bothering you.

256 days ago


Just Don't Drop The Soap.

256 days ago


I have sat in bathroom stalls and have heard the noises coming out of the other stalls and have never thought to myself I Want all up in that. gay men are some disgusting idiots.

256 days ago


Raheem isn't say he's not okay with gay men being gay. He just doesn't want to shower with them. It's no different than a straight man trying to shower with a group of women. I wouldn't want that, I would want separate showers. I wouldn't want a gay woman in my showers either. The nfl cheerleaders aren't even allowed to fraternize with the football players. So why should gay players be able to shower with straight players?

256 days ago


No one can say anything about gay people, we've had our rights stripped from us, it's either you accept them or you're against them no shades of gray where they are concerned, kids can't pray in school , but shoving the gay agenda down my 7 year old throat is ok. Wow America is being run by gays no wonder people over seas hate us

256 days ago


If men in general had a more mature attitude about sex there wouldn't be a problem with anyone showering with anyone.

256 days ago


give gay guys their own private locker rooms. I'm a fitness professional trainer. I'm gay. It seems all the straight men are trying to "Peek-a-boo" at me. I'm not in locker rooms or showers peeking at guys. YUCK. Most are horrible and trolls with bad ugly feet anyway. YUCK. I'm very handsome and a hunk. Not vain. I have older brothers. All my straight buddies in school knew I was gay. After gym class we all took showers. No big deal. I had my man waiting for me at home. LOL
Straight guys like this are tools and creeps. Oh by the way I'm black too. Black guys kill me in USA. They are always complaining about something instead of looking after your children.

256 days ago


At 1.5 % of the United States Population
The Gays are like a prison gang
GBG(Gay Boy Gangster ) Oh How
Terrifying,I'm so scared!

Who gives a rats ass what the Homo's think.

256 days ago


I wonder how many of you who are like "I'd be so uncomfortable too" are actually attractive to EITHER sex? it's always horribly disfigured looking dudes who think every gay man wants them. Don't flatter yourselves...NO ONE wants you.

255 days ago
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