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Pisses on Philip Seymour Hoffman

He Stole My Cover!!

2/13/2014 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Drake just spit on Philip Seymour Hoffman's grave ... throwing a bitch fit over losing the Rolling Stone cover to the dead actor.

Drake's hissy sesh started with a complaint about being misquoted in the latest issue regarding Kanye West's album -- but then he quickly lashes out at the mag for making a switch.

Drizzy tweeted ... "They also took my cover from me last minute and ran the issue."

Minutes later, Drake went back to Twitter and said, "RIP to Philip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. But the press is evil."

It's a half-hearted apology, at best. So, we gotta ask ... 


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He's complaining too much, I didn't complain this much and he came to my city making it look worse than it already does, and made a crappy "rap video" about his struggles in "the hood" dude didn't you grow up in German town?

229 days ago


Shellfish thug

229 days ago


Check yourself - who would even want to see you. Immature idiot. You sounds as though you are unaware how really lucky you are that anyone would care what you say or think.

229 days ago


My man was right, Drake is a little b for complaining about that. I don't think Drake should've been on the magazine. He hasn't been in the biz long enough to be on Rolling Stone.

229 days ago


Never heard of 'Drake'. Philip Seymour Hoffman was a great actor.

229 days ago


Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a great actor.....I've never heard of this guy, Drake.

229 days ago

Luigi Severus Fletcher-Bieber-Horan-Tomlinson    

smh... Could he wait a little longer for his face to be on the cover? No disrespect to Drake, I don't mind him, but, Philip kinda deserves his face on the cover as he passed away...

229 days ago


don't understand why is Drake a douchebag its not like Phil died doing something good like saving somebody's life this man died from a drug overdose they found him with a needle stuck to his on but he was such a wonderful guy with no compassion no thoughts for the three little kids that he would be leaving behind without a father but let's make a Superman out of him give me a ****ing break

229 days ago


Only the lowest of the low would whine about a dead man stealing his thunder. Karma is gonna getcha!!

229 days ago


How rude of Philip Seymour Hoffman to go die and steal your spotlight Drake. He's a thought how bout you OD firstly to do everyone a favor and secondly so you can guarantee your precious rolling stone cover.

228 days ago


Well then DIE Drake!

228 days ago


Why is everyone hatin on Drake? It's not his fault Phillip Seymour put a needle in his arm, shot up heroin, and overdosed. I would be pissed off if I had a cover on a magazine and some idiot who decided to shoot heroin in his arm got my cover when I work my ass off, and some druggie actor goes and overdoses, and gets my cover I'd be pissed too!!!! Telling Drake to grow up, don't glorify a ****ing heroin user ROLLING STONE!!!! This man left behind his small children, I'll say he was a great actor no doubt, but you don't put a heroin user that overdosed with a needle in his arm on the cover of a magazine...SORRY!!!!!! Talk as much **** as you want about my comment, but in my eyes, the media needs to stop glorifying these people who do dumb **** to themselves!!!!!!!!!

228 days ago


ohh... so the fact that drake doesn't do heroin makes him not a "real" star?? the fact that you guys would support an addict is astounding over a young and talented artist amazes me. No disrespect to Mr.Seymour. But really? Rolling Stone has been known to spark controversy. And this is exactly what that chose to do. Dislike the post if you want to!! Im just being trill

228 days ago


What a mean, and false, story title. Drake did not piss on Hoffman. Read the articles. Drake was disgusted because Rolling Stone replaced his cover but still printed the interview. The cover and interview should have been published together. Drake was upset about that-not being replaced by Hoffman. He even said all respect to Hoffman. Seems people just jumped on Drake for nothing. I hold no ill will for Drake and believe he is a good guy.

228 days ago


Late March1969 Janis Joplin was scheduled to be on the cover of Newsweek and got bumped when President Eisenhower died March 28 that year. Her comment: “Fourteen f----- heart attacks and he had to die in my f------ week. In MY week!”
Yep, egos be egos. (Though Drake will not be on Newsweek's cover any time soon. And that's not just because in the genres heyday Newsweek referred to rap as “sociopathic entertainment”—11/29/93. Drake is stylish but not great. There will not be a movie "Drake" in 40 years time - LOL. "Janis" is coming to a screen near you soon.)

228 days ago
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