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Pisses on Philip Seymour Hoffman

He Stole My Cover!!

2/13/2014 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Drake just spit on Philip Seymour Hoffman's grave ... throwing a bitch fit over losing the Rolling Stone cover to the dead actor.

Drake's hissy sesh started with a complaint about being misquoted in the latest issue regarding Kanye West's album -- but then he quickly lashes out at the mag for making a switch.

Drizzy tweeted ... "They also took my cover from me last minute and ran the issue."

Minutes later, Drake went back to Twitter and said, "RIP to Philip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. But the press is evil."

It's a half-hearted apology, at best. So, we gotta ask ... 


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Drake is a *itch..

253 days ago

joe bish    

just love how the liberal media is right there every time a black wants to bitch about a white, sure am glad to know that i'm the racist

253 days ago


Any poll for bigger D-bag is going to be "Kanyot sell tickets or albums" his new name.

253 days ago

A J Mclamb    

I have to agree with Drake. Although I do not like his music that much, why must we celebrate a Heroin addict's death? Why not just put different Heroin addicts on the cover of RS every month then. We should not be publicising and glamoring this type of lifestyle. And don't give me that crap that "this story focuses on drug abuse". It does not. Its all about the white guy that had it all and decided to do drugs. No one forced him to take his first toke! That was all his choice, period.

253 days ago

I don't even like Drake but I understand why he is mad. And I don't see why Drake was booted from the cover anyway. Rolling Stone wanted to buy into the leading story that is on every other magazine! Losers!

253 days ago


Too hard to chose. They both fit the bill ,but to be pissed about losing a mag cober due to a death is pretty douchey

253 days ago


Drake has been hollywoodized pretty soon he'll be asking for an all white room and chilled bottled water. Diva much drake??

253 days ago


Simple solution. Die next week and reclaim it the week after

253 days ago


I love how this article is about Drake being a diva but yet everyone still thinks Kanye is a bigger dbag. LMAO

253 days ago

Nobody Special    

The Stones Cover Article List says,
Drake at Home with Hip Hops Lonely Prince.
He is dating Prince?
No Wonder I have never heard of this Kook.

If I was going to be on the Cover and PSH Died, I would be Honored to Forfeit my Cover and give it to the Late, Great Actor for his Final Legacy on Pop Culture.

People would have actually remembered this guy Drake if he did not OTR Bitch like Kim Kardassian when she did not get her Mug Shot on the Cover of Vague.

Hoffman was Great in the MI3 Movie and so many other Iconic Movies.

His family own Ring Dings or named after The Drake Hotel in Chi-Town?

The Guy needs to shave better.

253 days ago


If you REALLY want to be on the cover, be as talented and respected as Hoffman, stick a Herion needle in your arm and go "out", and you, too, might be on a cover!

253 days ago


So, a note to the press... Please learn from Drake's tantrum so when he dies you can be sure to not pull some other irrelevant "artists" cover! That way he still won't be on the cover... We all win! :)

253 days ago


Drakes comments definitely are D-bagish however Kanye always will be the biggest D-Bag in Hollywood

253 days ago



253 days ago


He's complaining too much, I didn't complain this much and he came to my city making it look worse than it already does, and made a crappy "rap video" about his struggles in "the hood" dude didn't you grow up in German town?

253 days ago
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