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Half-Brother Needs Food Stamps to Eat

Dad's the Bad Guy

2/15/2014 8:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's dad is so far behind on child support payments for his illegitimate kid ... his baby mama is destitute and has to use food stamps to survive.

We're told Alexsandra Wright hasn't seen any money from Mathew Knowles since we posted our story back in December -- when he allegedly owed $24K. We're told he now owes $32,135.90.

Wright -- whose son is Beyonce's half-brother -- is now on public assistance ... and gets $300 a month on a state-issued EBT card to pay for food and other expenses.


Sources tell us Wright went to court for help ... but the judge is noodling over exactly what to do.

As we previously reported ... Knowles insists he's not a deadbeat dad ... and has blamed a clerical error for the delinquency.


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Eye roll     

He was stealing from his own daughter and you think he's going to pay child support???? Good luck. Beyonce gets on my nerves but she certainly doesn't owe anyone anything. Maybe she could set up a college fund for him. That way the mom can't touch the money.

251 days ago

Eye roll     

And why would you Instagram a pic of ur welfare card. Dumbo

251 days ago


My cousin is always complaining about people who don't work and live off the system. He had his house paid for by his parents and lives off his wife who has a better job. If he wasn't helped out he would be knocking at the government's door for help as well.

251 days ago


Beyoncé’s mom divorced Mathew in 2011 affair, following the divorce Beyoncé fired her dad as her manager, and the whole family cut him out of their lives (he isn't even allowed to meet his granddaughter Blue Ivy). Mathew was also (allegedly) stealing his daughter’s money behind her back but that’s another issue. Mathew then went and placed the blame solely on this woman while begging his family, both in private and in the media, to forgive him which still hasn't happened obviously. He even went as far as cursing out this woman and threatening her life after learning she was pregnant, and the woman kept playing up that she wanted her son to have a relationship with his "siblings". You'd be surprised, but many people don't view bastards from affairs of the male parent as actual siblings. The woman didn't agree and thought that they should be responsible and "help". But the fact is that she placed herself in this situation when purposely got involved with a married man because she thought that she could use this man to get a an 18 yearlong paycheck from Beyoncé, but it didn't work out like she planned. It's the sole responsibility of the father and mother no one else.

251 days ago


She can't break off a piece to help a (half) brother out?

251 days ago


That is NOT Beyonce's child so why should she and her husband take their hard earned money and support him?? That was her father's decision to go make a child while he was still married; therefore, I feel sorry for the child but not for his mother at all. She knew he was married and she saw dollar signs and that's why now she see that ruining someone's marriage only gets u an ebt card. Beyonce has her own child and whether she buys her $1000 shoes or clothes isn't anyone's business because she can afford it. Her father chose that for himself not her. And I'm quite sure no one else would go throwing their money out to a woman who ruined their parents marriage either. She does not owe them anything! Just my opinion.

251 days ago


Class act... Own your kids you cheap bastards

251 days ago


That's not Beyonce's child. She should not give any help.

251 days ago


Back to my original post :

"but the judge is noodling over exactly what to do." Well if he's so confused he could follow the precedent in the law, you know that thing that states something along the lines of If he doesn't pay LOCK HIM UP! How stupid is this judge!? It's bad enough that the mom was stupid in thinking she could use this man to get a Paycheck from Beyoncé, but he's just as bad for being an adulterer and an irresponsible deadbeat, and the judge should step down for being incompetent. If no one is willing to take care of the child find him a loving home. There are literally millions of people unable to have kids of their own who would do a better job.

251 days ago


Beyonce didn't make that baby nor did Jayz so they are not responsible for a child that was created by her father CHEATING on her mother! How many of u r taking care of illegitimate babies being created by your family members?...ill tell u...None of u! No shade towards the innocent precious babies who are born into a person's selfish sex driven mess but BEYONCE OR JAYZ DID NOT MAKE THIS MESS....HER CHEATING FATHER AND HIS HEIFER MOTHER FOR SLEEPING WITH A MARRIED MAN! HER DUMB A$$!

251 days ago


Put the mofo in jail , like the rest that fail to take care of their responsibility

251 days ago


if it wasnt for beyonces father, that bitch would be flipping burgers and living in the projects with a couple of kids.

251 days ago


Very similar how Obama treats his extended family, they live on food stamps live in cardboard boxes and try to sneak into the USA.i guess the rich are rich because many do not help members of their own families.

251 days ago


Sorry, but as a woman I am going to take FULL responsibility of my reproductive abilities, and if I KNOW my behind has no money, no job, and no man of my own, then I have NO BUSINESS making babies. He is a bum, but she is as well! But now that the child is here, child support is intended to SUPPLEMENT the household income, not fully fund it. So he needs to pay his portion but she needs to make sure she is as well.

251 days ago

Leggz The Diva    

The natsy heaux needs to clean her damn dirty fingernails!

251 days ago
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