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Brian McKnight Lawsuit

My Accountant Ruined My Life

2/18/2014 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brian McKnight claims his accountant was so fraudulent, so deceptive ... the money man stooped to secretly getting a United States congressman to help cover up his misdeeds.

McKnight has filed a lawsuit against Vernon Brown and Company, claiming Brown ruined his life by not paying ANY of Brian's taxes for close to a decade ... resulting not only in more than a million bucks in back taxes, but more than $500K in penalties and interest.

Here's how bad McKnight says it got ... In the lawsuit he claims Brown knew he screwed up and secretly contacted Congressman Henry Waxman and gave him a phony sob story that got Waxman to contact the IRS and get McKnight back on an installment plan.

McKnight says Brown was so bad he screwed up the installment plan and the taxes were never paid.

McKnight says his credit is now crap, his house has a lien, his music royalties have been frozen and his life is in shambles.  Not only that, McKnight says his driver's license has been suspended for failing to pay back taxes, and because his son shares the same name HIS license was suspended as well.

And here's an honor no one wants ... McKnight says he landed on California's Top 500 Delinquent Taxpayers.

Something he can put on his mantle ... next to his Soul Train Music Award.



No Avatar


oh... that "accountant" won't be an accountant for long. needs to go to jail. Federal offense, big time.

247 days ago


Maybe that's why Waxman retired.
Hey, you can always ask him to be a Lobbyist on your behalf.
Xx-Congressmen do that as a practice.
by the way, next time pull your head out of your arss

247 days ago

She's baaaack    

He had an accounting firm and never paid taxes? How was that? Didn't he think it was kind of odd that he was never contacted about his annual taxes? Pay up like the rest of us have to.

247 days ago


Should've paid attention to your money instead of making songs about how puzzies work

247 days ago


I'm sorry,there was never an income tax return that I didn't have to sign, whether an old school form or an electronic filed back up paper.
I pay my taxes,because I know I have to.
I'm sick of these clueless celebs shirking their responsibilities .

247 days ago


Wonder if he used the same Accountant as Terrell Owens?

247 days ago


accountability is never someone else's issue… unless you've relinquished it...

247 days ago


Wow 3 in one week, must be contagious. I repeat, stay in School kids.

247 days ago


The left wing liberals always blame others they never take responsibility for anything.

247 days ago


I find it hard to believe him that he didn't know for over 10 years. He's not one of the uber-riche guys who have armies of accountants and lawyers who take care of stuff all the time. He has/had a regular accountant who would tell him how much to have available for the pre-authorized payments for the installements, and apparently, he didn't notice that every month, or quarter ? Sorry, dead-beat, you lie.

247 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Call Jack U. Up collection services.
They'll get your money back for you Brian.

247 days ago



247 days ago


My goodness is he one sexy singer, the best love songs ever and such an amazing voice. Loved him since I was 15.

247 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

I know someone who was messed over by there accountant as well. Its typical because the accountants think ALL entertainers are dumb and they take advantage of these guys/gals and its not limited to race. Entertainers throughout history have had these issues, sometimes its not the accountant its the person who handles there investments. The list goes on and on. Its nothing to laugh at because people feel he had made millions and now he's struggling, I feel for Brian because imagine, all that work, all those songs he wrote and when he should be touring to have extra cash and stacking it with his royalties hes faced with a HUGE tax bill and freezing of royalties!!!! WOW, royalties for entertainers is there retirement, ask Jerry Sienfeld and Larry David how much royalties/residuals pay!!!!! Hope he writes another hit to help him recover what his accountant helped him lose and whats sad is the fact that regardless of whose at afault, the IRS and other creditors put it 100% on Brain, sad story and I hope he overcomes it. He will find out who LOVES him and was really an industry friend now for sure. ALL the fakes will be exposed!!!! LGNM

247 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

It is possible for Brain not to know and he is a entertainer who is RICH to the person who said he isnt, well he used to be before the accountant didnt inform his client of the issues. I have an accountant who I deal with for 2 businesses and she tells me things but, some people are to trusting with there expenses being paid. Yes, it has to pay for his owed taxes but, when you are riding high like stars you dont have the time others have but, it doesnt happen to Trump and others because those accountants dont dare try Trump or others they KNOW specialize in FINANCES!!! SOMETIMES I think people come up here just to hear bad news, loving when winners fall but, instead of hate and laughing at people, be a part of the solution, misery really loves company!!! LGNM

247 days ago
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