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Brian McKnight Lawsuit

My Accountant Ruined My Life

2/18/2014 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brian McKnight claims his accountant was so fraudulent, so deceptive ... the money man stooped to secretly getting a United States congressman to help cover up his misdeeds.

McKnight has filed a lawsuit against Vernon Brown and Company, claiming Brown ruined his life by not paying ANY of Brian's taxes for close to a decade ... resulting not only in more than a million bucks in back taxes, but more than $500K in penalties and interest.

Here's how bad McKnight says it got ... In the lawsuit he claims Brown knew he screwed up and secretly contacted Congressman Henry Waxman and gave him a phony sob story that got Waxman to contact the IRS and get McKnight back on an installment plan.

McKnight says Brown was so bad he screwed up the installment plan and the taxes were never paid.

McKnight says his credit is now crap, his house has a lien, his music royalties have been frozen and his life is in shambles.  Not only that, McKnight says his driver's license has been suspended for failing to pay back taxes, and because his son shares the same name HIS license was suspended as well.

And here's an honor no one wants ... McKnight says he landed on California's Top 500 Delinquent Taxpayers.

Something he can put on his mantle ... next to his Soul Train Music Award.



No Avatar


You only lose control of your business when you give up control of your business. Sorry Brian, not buying it. Nada sympathy.

247 days ago


I don't understand how people can not know that they haven't paid taxes. If that were me, I'd at least ask for a yearly snapshot with do***ents as proof. To not have paid taxes for years?... That's ridiculous to not know that.

247 days ago


Each year I have to sign my tax forms. Has Brian ever worked a 9-5 job. Everyone know they must pay their taxes and must sign a form. How stupid is this Brian guy. Come on he should has been well aware something was fishy long ago with his taxes. I don't buy poor poor Biran. He is just as responile for his own finances. Some celebs are just to stupid.

247 days ago


Anyone that doesn't monitor their finances on a monthly basis is a fool. The IRS and government love stupid people.

247 days ago


I'm poor but I still check my balance nice a week and the DOR actually calls me if I'm overdue and reminds me via phone and an email to pay my taxes ! Now if you accountant was responsible , you have the responsibility to inspect your accountants work. You dropped the ball Brian you cannot blame the accountants . Your money your rules! How did they. Get away with ten years! Of not showing you what is going on? Unless you are illiterate that's impossible.

247 days ago


It's always someone else's fault.

247 days ago


I'm not gonna say he deserves it, but Brian McKnight is one of the biggest douche bags I've ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Maybe if he stopped screwing people over they would stop returning the favor.

247 days ago


Maybe that's why this cheapskate only tipped me $5 after occupying one of my bar tables for almost 3 hours on an NFL Sunday 2 years ago, while killing time before one of his shows! Never liked him since then. My regulars who wanted their table that day would've tipped way more than that. Smh.

247 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I guess these celebs just turn their finances over to accountants completely. I would nevef trust anyone enough to not confirm for myself that the checks are going out. I'd also have to make sure they aren't robbing me.

246 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Wow, another 'the accountant did it' excuse. No one wants to take responsibility for their own spending. He'll go bankrupt, have his debts cleared, and then start spending again.

246 days ago


Keep your eye on your money, you cracked out martin lawerence.

246 days ago


Why do these "urban" performers always end up broke or with tax problems & then blame their accountant or manager or agent, blah blah blah?

246 days ago


Don't these singers ever look at receipts? Damn!

246 days ago


You ruined your own life som, I bet he wasn't thinking about that when you beat up your wife in New Orleans yrs. ago. Now was you. Hahaha....hehehe.

245 days ago
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